We all know how important regular physical activity is at the best of times. In the era of the coronavirus, it’s even more crucial. If you want to start an exercise regime but are not sure where to begin, then look no further than Cameron Scott. He was born to motivate and his easy-laid back, no judgement style will have you reaching your goals in record time. Sometimes all it takes is an all-around nice Savannahian who is a fantastic motivator to make you love burpees!

Cameron Scott is 34 years old and a Head Coach at Orangetheory Fitness Savannah. He was born and raised right here in beautiful Savannah, went to Savannah Arts Academy for high school and then joined the Army in 2007. He enlisted in the 82ND ABN DIV (AIRBORNE DIVISION) in Fort Bragg, NC and has two IRAQ deployments under his belt. Cameron got out of the Army in 2012 and became a part time security guard right before finding his true calling. Fitness is his true passion and he uses that passion and energy to help motivate and encourage people each and everyday!

What does a typical morning look like for you?

My typical morning involves a big glass of water and then a glass of juice to start. Then I take my dog Lexi for a walk and either go for a run if I have time or I take a class At Orangetheory Fitness Savannah.

What do you love about Savannah?

I love the energy of the downtown scene and the different types of people that energy brings. Savannah itself is a thing of beauty and the fact that I can go for a run and enjoy different scenic views is one of the reasons why I stay.

What are the most important things for people to do now to stay healthy and boost immunity?

MOVE…the best thing to do right now is to not sit in one place or become sedentary. Just get up and move around either the house or outside and you’ll see an instant difference in your attitude. Try not to snack on unhealthy items all the time and drink lots and lots of water.

The things that makes you feel most accomplished?

Is when people come up to me or post on social media that they have met or beat their fitness/health goals, because of me or classes they have taken with me. Honestly, just hearing that someone has met their fitness/health goals makes me smile.

What 3 songs motivate you to work out?

Asking Alexandria- I Won’t Give In

Taking Back Sunday- MakeDamnSure

Taylor Swift- Shake It Off

I know you have helped many people in their fitness journey. Do you have a motivational story that would help others?

I have a spinal injury from the military called Spinal Stenosis and I will eventually need surgery. The one thing that has kept me from needing surgery sooner is fitness. I have found that core exercise, such as planks, help strengthen the muscles around the spine and can help keep stress off my lower back. Ever since I started to implement fitness and core strengthening exercises into my daily routine, I have had less back pain and am able to prolong surgery.

If you had one night to spend in Savannah…what would Cameron Scott do?

Hmm.. That’s a tough question actually. I love supporting local businesses, so I would hop between local places. I would start at Starland Yard and have a bite to eat from one of the food trucks that stop by there, then go next door to Two Tides for a tasty local draft. After that, I would Uber downtown and walk through Broughton and Bay Streets enjoying the lights and sounds and the multiple people walking around. Then I would end with dinner at a local place such as Bull Street Taco!

What is your favorite fitness move of all time?

Well that is an easy one… The BURPEE of course!!:)