Cari Phelps, an award-winning designer and branding expert based in Savannah founded Salacia Salts in 2012, armed with a commitment to environmental conservation, natural beauty and holistic health. Under her leadership, Salacia Salts creates top-quality bath and beauty products using environmentally responsible ingredients and packaging.

Made in Savannah, GA and inspired by native Southern botanicals, the product line captures the spirit of the ocean and chic coastal style. Salacia Salts is available in various retail locations nationwide and at the company’s flagship store located in Historic Downtown Savannah near Forsyth Park. Products are made in-studio, which also features a retail shopping area of packaged goods, locally made products, a new product showcase of rotating small-batch formulas offered in-store only, bulk refills for everyday products, as well as, an interactive area for group workshops.

They opened a second location at 148 Abercorn to help connect with the 14 million annual visitors to our beautiful city! Local gifts, sustainably sourced goods and products made by female-led businesses are just a few of the complimentary items offered at this second location.

If you haven’t stopped by one of Salacia’s two locations, you should put it on your to-do list today.

Photograph by: Lindsay Stewart

What does a typical morning look like for you?

I review the sales from our e-commerce shop, put together a list of possible projects we need to complete or orders we need to get out, or ingredients we need to order based on sales, and sip a single cup of coffee (with milk only – just cut out the extra sugar!). I also spend time considering new ingredients I am constantly learning about and how we can source those locally and use them in our product line.

What do you love about Savannah?

Savannah is always sharing something new. Every single time I go out in our city I notice something different. I have been here for over 20 years – and sometimes it’s architecture, a blooming garden or something unique like a brick pattern I have never noticed before. I like to say “Savannah – it never gets old.”

What is your favorite product in Salacia Salts and why?

My favorite product is our BathTime Rocks. This is made with shea butter and kaolin clay. I love it because just one of these ‘sophisticated’ bath bombs makes your bath water silky smooth, so it feels like lotion head to toe after the bath – without having to spend the time to later up with traditional lotion. Plus, it’s all natural!

Photograph by: Lindsay Stewart

The thing that makes you feel most accomplished?

When I am able to share my dream, my story and business products with others – especially students interested in the beauty industry I feel proud. It takes a lot to create a product line – and knowing we’ve shared our line to shops across the country successfully is rewarding.

What is Salacia?

According to Roman mythology, Salacia traveled through the ocean on a pearl-shell chariot pulled by seahorses and dolphins. You can see elements of this story reflected in our logo. Salacia was the wife of Neptune; her name is derived from the Latin word “sal,” which means salt.

Photograph by: Lindsay Stewart


What sets Salacia Salts apart?

We are inspired by the benefits of the sea and blend Southern grown ingredients to share the story of our region through our products. In addition, most of our packaging is plastic free and we package our signature product (the one we launched the business with) in a reclaimed or “upcycled” bottle. The bottles are sourced from Savannah Bee Company’s mead tasting room.

If you had one night to spend in Savannah…what would Cari Phelps do?

I would enjoy a walk down to the River to hopefully catch a cargo ship pass. Then a glass of prosecco on the rooftop of Perry Lane watching the sunset over the city – or a sour beer at Two Tides – and dinner at Cotton and Rye.