Have you explored ALL that Starland District has to offer? If you haven’t tried Duckpin bowling at Moodright’s then you still have at least one stop to make. This retro spot offers 4 mini duckpin bowling lanes, a full bar, dart boards and a pool table. Since the end of 2018 owners Chris Moody and Steuart Wainright ran with this unique concept to bring a true neighborhood bar with friendly faces and decent prices that offered more than your typical bar activities. Who knows…you could be the next Duckpin bowling champion of Savannah.


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What does a typical morning look like for you?

I generally run errands for the bar (check inventory on alcohol and supplies, pay bills, payroll, work on branding & social media, prep the bar, etc.)

What do you love about Savannah?

Savannah is a welcoming and beautiful city. It’s easy to make friends, laid back, and unlike anywhere in the world.

Please walk us through what the perfect night at Moodright’s would entail?

Bingo is currently on hold, but we will bring it back once Covid-19 slows down. If you’ve never been to Moodright’s, I would highly recommend a game of bowling. I’m more of a beer/shot guy, so I’d recommend a “Quittin’ Time” (cheap beer & cheap shot – $6).

The thing that makes you feel most accomplished?

My partner and I sourced our decor over a long period of time. We put in a great deal of work to create a specific vibe, and we are both extremely proud that people enjoy spending their time with us. We’ve made a lot of friends!


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Is Moodright’s available to rent out for an event?

Moodright’s is 100% available to rent (depending on date and time). Send details to info@moodrights.com.

Have there been any drunken Duckpin bowling funny stories or mishaps since opening?

Most people understand that it’s more of a finesse game vs. traditional bowling, so it’s been mostly free of mishaps. We did have an Elvis impersonator perform on the lanes this past NYE. That was a good time for sure!


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If you had one night to spend in Savannah…what would Chris Moody do?

For a Saturday – Start at Pinkies > Damon and the Shitkickers at The Jinx > Grey Diner for some food > Moodright’s > Lone Wolf.