Scout knows a few things that Savannahians really need right now…Comedy! Improv! Sketch! Storytelling! and most importantly LAUGHS! Lucky for us Front Porch Improv (FPI) provides it all right in the comfort of your own home with Zoom. The tickets can be purchased online here. You won’t want to miss HOT TAKES comedy talk show (read more below), Improv Comedy Live Show and Top Secret. We reached out to Front Porch’s own Matt Nickley to find out a little more about FPI and get to know one of the faces behind HOT TAKES.

But what is Front Porch Improv? Front Porch Improv is a group of talented performers that put on stellar improv comedy shows in Savannah, GA. They teach business workshops, comedy classes, perform private shows, and proudly produce Savannah Comedy Fest and Savannah for Morons, The Trolley Tour.  

FPI was created by four former New Yorkers living in Savannah, they have performed around the country (Chicago Improv Festival, New York SketchFest, and the DC Comedy Festival to name a few). Their crew has grown to include graduates of the Upright Citizens Brigade (NYC), People’s Improv Theatre (NYC), iO (Chicago), The Groundlings (LA), and Theatre 99 (Charleston)–plus some exceedingly attractive homegrown talent. 

They have all the credentials to make you laugh, now all you have to do is purchase an online ticket and sit back and enjoy!

What do you love about Savannah?

Savannah has it all for me. It’s rich with history, incredible food, right on the coast, you can walk everywhere and it’s a city people enjoy visiting.

If someone is planning a night out at Front Porch, what should they expect?

You can expect to meet fun people, grab a cold beer from the bar and a snack from one of the food trucks that are frequently parked outside the theater. With Covid and social distancing, things have changed a bit but the good news — you can now watch our live shows on Zoom! Front Porch Improv is always mixing it up and our shows constantly change to keep it interesting for our audiences. I co-host a comedy talk show on Friday nights called HOT TAKES and I highly recommend that you check it out.

How would you describe the comedy talk show you host, HOT TAKES, in a sentence?

HOT TAKES is a talk show that amplifies the seemingly mundane and takes joy in the comedy of simple things that we all experience.

With improv, I would think a lot of unexpected things happen…what are some funny stories that have happened on stage?

One time we were doing a show at a bar and somehow an improviser knocked an empty glass bottle off a bookshelf that then shattered on the floor. Of course everything stopped and we called “scene,” but you can’t pause the show for the audience. So I looked over to our piano player and we improvised a song, “Everything Breaks Sometimes,” on the spot while the other performers safely cleared the glass. I really don’t like singing on stage let alone making up song lyrics, but you can’t risk losing the audience!

What topic always gets laughs from Savannahians?

Bachelorette parties always get great laughs, they’re such a staple of downtown Savannah.

What attracted you to comedy?

Acting is my greatest passion in life, but live comedy in particular is beyond compare. The audience really wants to see you throw any and all insecurities out the window and dive in head first. You feel like the ringmaster, the lion, and the tight-rope walker all in one when you’re performing live comedy. But not the sword swallower, I’m okay with not attempting that…unless of course it’d be funny, in that case toss me a blade and let’s dance! In all seriousness though, there’s nothing better than a laugh – and not just in receiving them and knowing that you’re succeeding, but in gifting them to other people. You have no clue what your audience members have gone through before coming to the theater and those laughs could be just the medicine they need in that moment. So while it’s literally all fun and games, I take it incredibly seriously because the audience deserves that care.

Besides yourself, who is your favorite Savannah comedian?

My favorite is my HOT TAKES partner in crime, Chris Williams. He’s brilliant and always makes one-of-a-kind references that crack me up.

If you had one night to spend in Savannah…what would Matt Nickley do?

Besides going to Front Porch Improv? Kick off with a beer (let’s make it two) at O’Connell’s, grab a slice from Vinnie’s, indulge with a creme brulee at Lulu’s backed up with a champagne cocktail, then square hop down Bull Street.