We love hearing about the little heroes in our community. So when we learned about brothers making and selling healthy popsicles to raise money for SAFE Shelter, our little Scout hearts fluttered! Donovan is your typical 7 year old, he loves soccer, outer space books, and drawing. He wants to be an astronaut, engineer and President of the USA. His younger brother Jameson is 5 years old and loves karate, dinosaurs, dragons and bugs. He aspires to be a superhero, specifically a red cheetah Power Ranger so he can have strength, speed and stealth to protect others.

These brothers have been eager to help since the BLM protests started and finding out about all those who are struggling financially due to COVID-19. Donovan decided he wants to run for President in order to advocate for those less fortunate and affect change that will lead to more equality and peace. When he found out that he cannot run until he is 36, he asked what he can do until then, so the family has spent the summer working on ways to help others. They thought about doing a lemonade stand, but we wanted to avoid anything too sugary. Since they already make our own fresh fruit popsicles, they decided this was their money maker.  The boys clean, cut and mash the fruits to sell. Donovan saw a news report one night about the increase in calls to SAFE Shelter and the decrease in funding. He knew that we had to do something to help. They made and sold over 120 popsicles and donated $200 to SAFE Shelter.

The boys want to do something once a month to help organizations throughout the area.  Their next focus will be to gather funds and supplies to give to the Stand Down for Homelessness with The Salvation Army occurring in September.

When asked what Savannahians should do to help, both boys agreed, citizens should research the non-profits in the area to see what is going on in the community and where the needs are. Jameson said, “Just think about someone else.” and Donovan added, “People can watch the news to see where people are struggling.”  The biggest thing they want to remind people is that help does not always mean donating money.  People can donate needed supplies and volunteer in other ways. It’s amazing the wise words that come out of young souls.
If you would like to help these altruistic heros, you can email Lacey at: lswyland14@gmail.com.