Squirrel’s is an elegantly casual eatery serving crispier, pecan fired versions of Neapolitan inspired pizza with irreverence for tradition and reverence for deliciousness. Chris Dickerson (also of Corner Taco)  graduated from the Chef’s Apprenticeship Program at The Cloister Hotel on Sea Island. He has cooked with many notable chefs, for many luminaries and was even part of a team invited to cook for Paul Bocuse. Chris and Managing Partner Jimmy Powell, draw from their diverse experiences and travels to create a unique version of “semi-swanky street food” with Italian zeitgeist. I have been to Squirrel’s a few times and in my opinion this is a stand up example of a sit down pizza. You can now order Squirrel’s Pizza as takeout, but I strongly suggest that when you are able, you belly up to the bar, ask for a specialty cocktail, order the Caprese Salad with a side of wood-fired wings to start and enjoy the laid back, speakeasy vibe that makes Squirrel’s unique.

What does a typical morning look like for you?

A ton of emails and read a lot about anything that interests me.

What do you love about Savannah?

I moved here in 2017 to help raise my then newborn son. The things I love most is that he is here. Besides that, I love the potential that Savannah has. The food scene here is not too far behind Charleston. As a smaller city, it’s not hard to move the needle.

What is you favorite dish at Squirrel’s Pizza and why?

I love the pepperoni and sausage pizza. The pizza is naturally leavened in a very unique style with less water and cooked at a lower temperature which yields a crispier crust, but with some chew. The pepperoni and sausage are sourced from a renowned artisanal supplier. We source a lot of artisanal products, from our organic tomatoes to our local stuff like basil from Brother’s Farms. The pizza really showcases these special ingredients.

The things that makes you feel most accomplished?

Seeing my son happy. Second to that is seeing how much the staff believes in what we do.

Can you tell us what’s behind the name Squirrel’s?

It was my nickname in college. I’d had too much to drink and jumped out of a hay loft because I thought that a Squirrel was talking to me. Many of my friends still call me Squirrel and their children call me Uncle Squirrel.

If you had one night to spend in Savannah…what would you do?

Go to Collin’s Quarter for an early drink, Husk for oysters and and caviar, Atlantic for a drink and Squirrel’s for dinner.