Ryan Graveface is the visionary behind Graveface Record and the new Graveface Museum. Whether or not you are a fan of record shops or odd curiosities, you have to appreciate the very uniqueness of his ventures. He takes painstaking measures to ensure that the record shop is stocked with a great assortment of genres consisting of new and used vinyl, one-of-a-kind t-shirts and vintage quirk. The museum has people driving 3 hours to get a look at Ryan’s personal collection which he started collecting when he was 8 years old. Exhibits dedicated to some of the country’s most infamous criminals and crimes, one of the largest collections of John Wayne Gacy paintings, as well as, a floor dedicated to the history of circus sideshow attractions. Last but not least there is a room that houses 15 horror themed pinball machines.  When you read Ryan’s interview you will gain an understanding of his great passion for what he does and his relentless pursuit to share with everyone the items that make him unique. You can help these businesses have a fighting chance by donating what you can to go fund me or  linktr.ee/graveface

What does a typical morning look like for you?

All aspects of my day are identical. I work 18-20 hrs per day and sleep when I can find a moment. I don’t own a couch so as to not allow myself to sit and relax. My life is not “fun.” So morning is gathering mail order stuff for Chloe (Ryan’s wife) and then heading to the museum to get sorted for the day.

What is your favorite piece in the museum and why?

Definitely can’t pick favorites but I’ve got this early Gacy sketch of Pogo the Clown that I love. Some of the Homer Tate shit blows my mind (that I own it). I really like my “clown in a box” (will ring a bell if you’ve been to the museum).

The thing that makes you feel most accomplished?

I don’t feel accomplished. I always feel I can be doing more. Notice a theme in my life? Haha. Perhaps I’ll feel accomplished looking back.

Ways we can help your businesses in the times of COVID?

We’ve got a fundraiser at gofundme or check out our linktree for ways to pick up LPs/pins/apparel etc:

If you had one perfect night with no quarantine restrictions to spend in Savannah…what would you do?

I miss going to the museum at 10am, setting up, talking with fellow weirdos until 10pm, cramming food cause I haven’t eaten all day, working on label and store projects till 3am, taking a shower and then doing emails in bed to a sh*t horror movie till I pass out. I wasn’t put on this earth to hang out and have fun but rather to work until death. I’m not complaining nor attempting to sound grim, it’s just my reality and I really f*&!@ng miss it.