It’s hard to think of a better example of a quintessential coffee shop than Cup to Cup Café at 140 Abercorn. Cup to Cup is fueled and anchored by its quality beans which they have been roasting for over 11 years. If you take your drip coffee seriously, then Cup to Cup has been told with regularity, that they are the best in town. If you prefer to step up your coffee game, stop by and grab one of their delicious holiday drinking chocolates. They use Guittard Cocoa Rouge as a base with creamy half and half to make a decadent chocolate treat. Cup to Cup is an ideal destination for a pre-work boost or winding down after a long day and don’t forget your bag of beans. Keep scrolling to learn more about the owners and the best way to get your caffeine fix!

What is the story of how Cup to Cup Café began?

My friends and I were visiting a local village in Mozambique as dinner guests. Dinner (a goat) walked past us and I figured I had time to kill, so I began sketching out ideas for a coffee shop. True story!

Tell us a little about your signature coffee beans?

We’ve been roasting coffee in Savannah for over 11 years now. Part of what is important to us is developing slow, long term relationships. As an example, Franklin Garbanzo is a farmer we began buying coffee from back in 2012. Franklin is also about relationships. He’s spent years helping other farmers improve their crop qualities and installed the first processing facility in his community so his fellow farmers can have better access to how their coffee is processed and sold. His coffee is great too! I used it as my signature coffee in 2015 in the Brewer’s Cup, a professional coffee brewing competition. With his coffee I placed third overall in the Southeast and earned a spot to compete at the National level in Long Beach, California. Sharing coffees from Franklin and other farmers we support like Vinizio, Rodrigo and the people of Aponte, are part of what make Cup to Cup what it is.

What do you love about Savannah?

I’m from a small town. To me, Savannah is the biggest city I’ve ever lived in. But it still manages to capture the charm and familiarity of a small town. It’s hard to be out and about and not run into somebody you know, which is comforting and welcoming.

What is your most popular coffee drink?

As boring as it sounds, we take pride in our drip coffee. We are regularly told by folks it’s the best in town and we work hard to make it that! We are also always innovating on seasonal drinks and specials that make our place unique.


What makes you feel most accomplished?

Professionally, I feel a great accomplishment in helping to raise the quality of coffee in Savannah along with some of the other great coffee people that share this city as home.

What are some of the other services you offer that people may not be aware of?

On the front of our door under our name you’ll see the words Coffee, Tea, Education. We’ve worked with Hale Tea from day one and have one of the most extensive tea lists of any café in the city. We are proud to work alongside people that share as much passion about tea as we do about coffee! In non Covid times, we also offered in house training to other cafés as well as customizable classes to the public. Most of that is on hold now, but we look forward to being able to bring these services back soon.

Do you have any holiday specialty drinks available?

Yes! We just launched out Winter menu and it features a favorite from last year, our drinking chocolate. We use Guittard Cocoa Rouge as a base with creamy half and half to make a decadent chocolate treat. You can spruce it up with a shot of espresso, Terry’s chocolate orange or give it a kick with a sprinkle of cayenne! We are also featuring, for the first time, our twist on wassail, which features Hale Tea’s Holiday Blend.

What would you do if you had one night to spend in Savannah?

There are so many wonderful things to do in Savannah that it’s like a choose your own adventure story where every outcome is a win. I’d like to make believe this night takes place outside of a pandemic and start it with a Friday night toast at Moon River Brewing Company. Then I’d mosey over to The Grey for a supper worth remembering. An evening stroll through the squares gives a lovely glimpse of Savannah in the evening. Then I’d want to find out who’s playing and go enjoy some of the diverse music found in this beautiful city.