Jennifer Krzmarzick, owner and cookiepreneuer of Kitchen Vixen, specializes in baking tantalizing treats with complex designs and buttery textures. With fans all around Savannah looking forward to her next creations, we thought we would give you a little bit of insight into the Kitchen Vixen herself.  Also, don’t miss her famous Springerle cookie recipe she shares with Scout readers, just in time for your holiday baking.

Tell us a little about the backstory of Kitchen Vixen and how it came to be?

Kitchen Vixen was a business I created while living and working in South Korea.  I got involved with a few charities and orphanages and used my cookie art hobby to spread holiday cheer.  Every year I would make hundreds of gingerbread cookies and gather a group of friends together to help decorate them.  Then, I’d package them up and deliver or ship them to orphanages in South Korea.
I was also working as an elementary school teacher at the time, and used the cookie decorating as a task-based English and cultural activity with my students. After sharing photos on social media, several other teachers asked me to make cookie kits for them to decorate with their students and that’s when it started to become a paid business. I lived and worked there for 8 years, until I met my husband in Seoul, Korea; he was stationed there with the Army. I eventually moved with him to America, but as a Canadian I could not work until I got my Greencard, so I decided to create decorated cookies for military events and in the communities wherever we were stationed. The business grew so quickly that it became a full time job ever since, and I bring the business with me to every new duty station. We have been in Savannah for about 4 years now and hope to retire here.
Since then, I’ve expanded my business to include artisan baking and sugar art lessons and have an ETSY shop where I sell cookie molds and cookie cutters that my husband and I design and print using a 3D printer.

What are your specialties?

I’m most well-known for Decorated Sugar Cookies and Springerle Cookies.

What is your favorite cookie to make and why?

My favorite cookies to make are Springerle, a traditional tea cookie with origins in the Alpine regions of Europe. They are made using intricately carved molds that you press onto a special dough so that it leaves a beautiful print in a pure white cookie. They are lovely when dunked into tea or coffee and always impress customers and guests.

What do you love about Savannah?

The community has been so welcoming to us as transplants and new business owners, so it wasn’t difficult to make good friends as well as business connections. We love our Starland neighborhood; it’s very walkable and pet friendly with great independent shops, restaurants and places to grab a drink.

Do you have a favorite cookie recipe to share with the readers?

I’d be happy to share my Springerle Cookie recipe with your readers. They are traditionally made at Christmas time, and if you travel at this time of year to Germany or Switzerland especially, you will see them available at Christmas markets.

What makes you feel accomplished?

Getting positive reactions and feedback is extremely rewarding and lets me know I’m doing what I was meant to do. Loving what I do everyday is my definition of career success. Cookies may not make millions but I get to make connections, express my creativity, and enjoy my work.

Do you have specific designs available or is everything custom?

I began my business in Savannah as a custom order based one, but have since stopped taking custom orders altogether. Currently, I create cookie art and artisan pastries for pop-up shops and seasonal events. I like collaborating with other local businesses and prefer to create my own cookie designs. My ETSY shop keeps me quite busy, so I no longer have the time to devote to custom orders. My business continues to change shape, especially since COVID-19 when I made the change from custom orders to events and online sales.

Any holiday markets you will be attending?

I am extremely excited to be a vendor this year at Christkindlmarkt in Helen, GA November 28 – 29 and December 5 – 6. I’ll be selling holiday cookies, cookie molds, and cookie cutters. I am also looking for a mid-late December pop-up location or two. Last year I sold out at both Picker Joes Antique Mall and at Ghost Coast Distillery.

If you had one night to spend in Savannah…what would Jennifer Krzmarzick do?

I would have to eat and drink my way through Savannah. Our city has such an abundance of great restaurants, breweries and cocktail bars. After living in a remote place like Fairbanks, Alaska, where we lived for 3 years before moving here, I really appreciate the quality and variety of good food and drinks here.