Peacefully Rooted is a therapeutic company that plants seeds of whole-body wellness in massage, meditation, sound/vibrational therapy, and qigong. Their purpose is to share the benefits that sound/vibration, massage, and energy healing have on the human body. Kaitlyn’s mission with Peacefully Rooted is to be there for others and show them how to feel grounded from within. After a session, she will leave you with a sense of peace and feeling of being restored.

You can visit PR at 24 West Henry Street to start your journey towards being peacefully rooted. The reviews are glowing, like this google reviewer, Kaitlyn’s sound meditation was truly an amazing experience. As my first time experiencing Tibetan singing bowls, I did not know what to expect but I was blown away with Kaitlyn’s guidance and talent, I felt at peace with myself and the world around me. I highly recommend a sound healing session with her…it will change your life!”  Let’s welcome Kaitlyn to Savannah and show her how our great community can make you feel like you’ve lived here for ages.

Tell us a little about whole-body wellness and what made you decide to practice it?

Whole-body wellness is being aware of and connecting to the mind-body-spirit connection. How can you heal the body, if your mind still speaks negatively? My journey into whole-body wellness started with the food I was putting into my body. About eight years ago I took an anatomy class and for extra credit, my teacher told me to watch “Food Inc.” Well, that was enough for me to instantly change my eating habits, and learn how to eat whole. Then from there on out, I found yoga and other energetic healing practices that have given me the tools to try and stay ground in my daily life.

If someone wanted to start on their journey towards whole-body wellness what would be the first step?

We can all start by being kinder to ourselves. Start the morning right when we awake with a smile, and saying one thing you’re grateful for. When we practice gratitude daily we send signals of positivity to mind and body, which decreases stress and creates a general feeling of wellbeing.

What is your favorite service to provide and why?

Ah, this is a tough one to answer! I love them all, but if I have to narrow down, I would choose Sound Healings with Tibetan Singings Bowls. It can put you in a deep state of relaxation and connect you deeper into your body.  It’s also, a great stepping stone for anyone looking to start a meditation practice.

What kind of people benefit the most from your services?

People who suffer from anxiety, depression, PTSD, insomnia, chronic, and acute muscle pain, headaches, fibromyalgia, and TMJ. Also, a person on a healing journey looking to connect to their spiritual side, and someone who is just looking for relaxation.


The things that make you feel most accomplished?

Recently, moving to Savannah on my own with no friends nor family and opening my own business, and after three months of opening receiving such beautiful feedback. Another thing that makes me feel accomplished is facing things that bring me fear. One example is my fear of heights, which I still have, but I don’t allow it to run the show, and I feel that is a big accomplishment.

What do you love about Savannah?

I love the old buildings, houses, and the serendipitous feeling in the air. Since moving to Savannah in January of 2020, I have met the most wonderful people, which has made me grow to love this city more.

If you had one night to spend in Savannah…what would you do?

Forsyth is a must. I have the perfect spot to hang my hammock and relax. Then, I would stay in a haunted B&B or hotel and hope to experience the spookiness Savannah has to offer and end with a good meal at a restaurant I have never experienced.  I think I need to make this happen soon! 🙂