Katie Rodgers-Hubbard, owner of LFC, a company that is committed to helping people cut out excess waste in their lives has grown into a community initiative. Not only do Katie and her interns (her best friend and husband plus Cavalier puppy Neville) provide a service that the community is embracing in the way of products but also in a cool, new concept called a refillery. A refillery is a way to get your everyday items (soaps, cleaning materials, sunscreens) sans the plastic bottle. You REFILL your reusable containers and pay by the weight. Right now you can find LFC at several pop-ups around our great city (listed below) but in the works is a vending truck which is being made right now to serve as a mobile refillery. The idea is to feature 30-40 products to make it easy for our community to live a more sustainable lifestyle with less plastic. LFC’s dream is to offer deliveries and set up various neighborhoods to make sustainability as accessible and simple as possible. Take your first step towards sustainable living today by visiting the LFC at one of the below locations, and keep an eye out for the arrival of the much anticipated vending truck.

What does sustainable lifestyle mean?

Sustainable living to me means living a way that allows our world to thrive. I think, and you’ll hear me say this a lot, it’s a journey. I don’t know many people who live fully sustainable lives. But it’s about making the steps to purchase items that in their production, use and disposal are not harmful to the earth. It is making decisions about what we eat, what we buy, and how we spend our time and choosing the options that don’t harm the world we live-in and sometimes it’s about choosing the lesser of two evils.

Where can people purchase your products online and what types of products do you offer?

I have a website which is www.litefootcompany.com. All of my products are meant to replace single-use or commonly thrown away items in your home. These are your items you use everyday (tooth brush, razor, soaps, cleaning supplies, menstrual care (for some) but they are made well, meant to be reused and don’t end up in the landfill after 20 min of use. I also have a refillery, which is for local customers. A refillery is a way to get your everyday items (soaps, cleaning materials, sunscreens) sans the plastic bottle. You REFILL your reusable containers and pay by the weight.


What would you suggest to someone as a first step who wants to start living more sustainably?

I think the first step should always be awareness. Pay attention to your daily routine, how much of what you use and do is not sustainable. How was my toilet paper made? What happens to my toothbrush when I’m done with it? and so on. Then make a plan to implement sustainable change. What is one thing I can do this week or month? I’d also suggest people to follow Lite Foot Company on Instagram and Facebook as I post educational facts and tips. I’m also open to chatting with anyone and helping them make a plan.

Tell us about your subscription box?

The Lite Foot Box is a quarterly subscription box meant to take the hassle and stress out of switching to a more sustainable lifestyle. I do all of the research and curate a box full of great sustainable swaps. Four times a year you simply open the box and are able to implement the items in your life. Last month’s box featured all purpose cleaner tabs in a glass spray bottle, reusable cutlery set, biodegradable bandages, a swedish dishcloth (which replaces paper towels…and replaces them well I might add) and a silicone snack bag (replaces plastic baggies).

If someone wants to see Lite Foot in action what pop-ups do you have coming up and what can people expect?

April 11th 2pm-6pm
Starland Yard

April 18th 12pm-5pm
3 Points Food Court (Bridgerton Themed Brunch)

April 24th 10am-12
Memorial Park form “Kickin Tybee Butts’ clean up (all clean up participants get 15% OFF)
May 1st 11am-4pm
Ironmen Open Market Place
8912 Whitfield Ave, Savannah, Ga 31406
People can expect both our sustainable items and the refillery to be present. I love to explain our products and walk people through the Refillery Process. People are welcome to bring their own containers from home to refill, grab a free jar from the free bin, or purchase one of my jars. If you want to keep up to date on all the location then follow @litefootcompany.

What do you love about Savannah? 

I love that Savannah is a relatively small city but has everything you need. You can eat great food, drink great beer, do fun things and not have to deal with traffic. I also love how “small business friendly” it is, and I would have said that before I started one. Small businesses are thriving where chains are struggling, that speaks volumes about a community.

What makes you feel most accomplished?

When you see the “click” in someone. I am passionate about what I do. When I am able to educate or empower someone enough that they understand and want to join in, that feels incredible.

If you only had one night to spend in Savannah…what would you do? 

My first thought, “How many meals can I eat in a night?” I would order food and drinks from my favorite places and go to a park with friends. We would just eat, drink, laugh and enjoy the beautiful park.