Meet Ben Lewis a multi-talented roots musician from Savannah, GA. His music has a soulful reggae sound that often takes an acoustic approach. Ben has a unique, laid-back style mixed with a  soothing voice and smooth melodies that give an inspiring vibe that is refreshing to find in our Hostess City. Ben’s live performances display his passion for his art. Read below where we ask Ben Lewis a few questions to get to know the artist behind the soulful sound a little better.

What got you interested in music?

My brother played trumpet in school band, I looked up to him and wanted to play an instrument when I got the chance. I had a dental deficiency which caused me to still not have my two front teeth by the 5th grade. Band started and the only thing I could play was snare drum, from that point on I was always intuitively listening and was fortunate to have that as my foundation.

What do you love about Savannah?

I love the comfortable atmosphere that Savannah provides where everyone treats you as if they know you. Also the diversity that Savannah has, has always intrigued me. You can walk to several areas downtown and find yourself in a different but comfortable setting that still offers that southern hospitality.

If by chance someone isn’t familiar with Ben Lewis, what is the song you would like them to listen to and why?

Well I have yet to release music officially under my name but will finally be doing so this Spring. My band Domino Effect (local Savannah band) has music to check out and one of my favorite songs I wrote is called “Music for my Soul.”

What are some ways people can experience your music? (Spotify, live shows coming up, website, etc.)

Reverbnation, search Ben Lewis Reggae. I have my demo that I put out only on my website some years ago. My website is and I will be posting my upcoming shows on that, as well as, well my social media.

What are some artists that have inspired you?

Bob Marley, Zac Brown Band, Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz, Passafire (local Savannah band), Dave Matthews, Gavin DeGraw, James Taylor.

The thing that makes you feel most accomplished?

Being able to connect with a fan in an instant when I’m playing music. That feeling of connection and inspiration is always something that makes me feel accomplished.

What’s next for Ben Lewis?

I am releasing my debut EP single “Wash it Away” in April, and then the rest of the EP to follow this summer. I am over excited to say the least. I have been sitting on this for way too long and can’t wait to get it out.

If you had one night to spend in Savannah…what would Ben Lewis do?

That’s a good question…depending on the season of course. On a March night in Savannah I would go out to eat most likely at Hueys on River St or the Top Deck for a great view and the wings there are amazing, then walk around and enjoy a beverage while we walk and go check out the live music that’s playing. I would make stops at Social Club, Molly MacPhersons, City Market and Barrel House to name a few. That’s the best thing about Savannah it has so much to offer.