Flawless Style. Impeccable service. Vibrant. The Edition Shop is your one-stop shop for dresses, shoes, and all things fashion related. Walk into The Edition Shop in Savannah and you feel like you’ve stepped into a perfectly Instagrammed photo on your favorite style blog. The clean, modern aesthetic speaks to Meredith’s style and grace. If you want to come out of quarantine, and feel and look your confident best, then The Edition is there to help. They not only offer a fantastic in-store experience but also online shopping as well as personal styling sessions.

The Edition Shop is a contemporary women’s boutique in Savannah, Georgia that believes in the power of clothing and how essential it is to making us feel confident. Opened in 2019,  Meredith has carefully and thoughtfully selected the brands that are carried in store, many of which you’ll only find in a bigger city. This gives their customers a very exclusive shopping experience.  The Edition Shop loves interacting with locals and tourists alike!

What does a typical morning look like for you?

On a typical morning, I try to wake up and have some coffee before my son, Astor wakes up! My husband Brandon and I usually end up lounging in bed with Astor for a little while watching cartoons (he loves Mickey Mouse) before we start getting ready. Doing my hair and makeup is always something I’ve enjoyed, so even though I’m in a rush, I try to take time each morning to get myself put together – doesn’t always happen, though! I am obsessed with Jeff Lewis and love listening to his radio show when I’m getting ready. Then it’s out the door!

What do you love about Savannah?

Savannah is so beautiful to me! I love the historic charm of the city and the nature. I also love the community of businesses in the area. It’s a special place.

Do you have a typical go-to outfit when hitting the town?

For date night, my go-to is a favorite pair of jeans, a great pair of heels and a statement top- like a one-shouldered bodysuit!

The thing that makes you feel most accomplished?

Anytime I finish a big project or event, I feel a huge sense of accomplishment. There’s so much buildup and communication with my team when we are working on a project – to see it come to fruition is definitely fulfilling. But then it’s quickly on to the next project in my mind. I don’t know how to not be busy, but it’s something I’m working on now that I’m a mom. I love disconnecting and spending time with my family.

What are some summer trends for 2020?

Blue is the color of the year! Fruit colors will also be popular – think peach and watermelon! We will also see fun side cutouts in dresses, and halter tops are making a comeback.

What is one piece of advice you would give someone who wants to do what you do?

For me, having an amazing support system is key. You also have to be extremely flexible! It’s okay to pivot and change your method to achieve the end goal.

If you had one night to spend in Savannah…what would Meredith Barfield do?

I am a wine and dine kind of girl! I’d grab a cocktail at Artillery, dine at Husk and end the evening at Peregrin, the roof top bar at the Perry Lane Hotel.