Whether you’re looking for something a little sweet, something that’ll heat things up with one drop or something exceptionally gourmet, you will want to check out MF Hot Sauce. Meet owner, Jeremy Bauer who spent 30+ years living in South Dakota before deciding to travel across the country in his 1970’s motor home. Three years later he ran out of funds in a place called Savannah, Georgia and settled into the home where he would begin his saucy small business. If you are wondering what sets small batch sauce makers apart from bigger players? It is sauces such as Bourbon Belle, Candied Ginger, Plum Crazed, Pickled Rick, Thai Curry Basil, Sweet Tater Hot and Smoked Cherry. So say goodbye to dull sauces and hello to fresh flavors to add to any meal or beverage. To get your hands on some MF Hot Sauce send an IG message to Jeremy and he’ll let you know what he has just cooked up!

What got you interested in making hot sauce?

It actually didn’t start with hot sauce. I’ve been a home brewer since before I was old enough to drink. My parents sent me some fire roasted chili peppers for my birthday last year and the shutdown gave me time to tinker. That’s when I stumbled on an article about fermented hot sauces and the lightbulb lit up.

How do you source your ingredients?

I try to get locally sourced peppers from friends and small gardens around town as well as starting some of my own. A majority of my other fresh ingredients I try to get at markets.

What is your favorite sauce and why?

Oddly enough I think it’s the Thai curry basil. Myself not being a large fan of curry initially…this one has grown on me. A friend had an oyster roast a while back and that one was the show stopper for those!

Where can people buy your products?

I’m still quite small. I’ve been doing most of this on my own since I lost my job in October, so I have been investing all of my finances and time when I can. I hope to have a website soon. Most of the orders I have now are through farmers markets and Instagram.

If someone isn’t familiar with MF Hot sauce which product do you suggest they try and what should they make with it?

It really depends on the persons curiosity I’d say. I have a wide range of sauces from candied ginger to peach bourbon and local honey, all the way to apple wood smoked cherry chocolate and espresso.  I’d like to think we are all vastly unique and that’s what I try to bring to the table with my recipes. I’ve always been a fan of sweet and heat because it’s so versatile, I could have a hot sauce on a burger one minute then putting some on chocolate covered strawberries the next. You never really know where you’ll need spice in your life.

What do you love about Savannah?

As a person growing up with South Dakota winters my entire life, I’m not going to lie, the weather down here is great. Secondly the people, since I first arrived in this town, have been exceptionally nice.

What makes you feel accomplished?

I’m always doing something. Always starting a project, always trying to learn something new, always stepping out of my comfort zone. When I complete a project, learn a new trait or get comfortable outside of my comfort zone it’s always a good feeling.

If you only had one night to spend in Savannah…what would you do?

There’s a lot of cool history and architecture in Savannah. It’s all right in front of you, ya just gotta know where to look. Simply taking strolls off the beaten path have always proved to be amazing for me. I’m not going to lie though, it’s a little more fun to do with a drink in your hand!