The Fat Radish opened in June 2019. Much like its sister restaurant in NYC, its simple approach to cooking highlights local and seasonal ingredients. This is the first Southern outpost of the Northern eatery. The menu features veg-friendly items which are sourced locally and take inspiration from their British roots. Although veggie-heavy, you can still find naughty items for those meat & fish lovers.

What does a typical morning look like for you?

Typical morning for me is a coffee in Forsyth Park while I walk my dog. A bit of calm before I go into the restaurant. At the restaurant is emails, paperwork and receiving orders from farmers. Then on to the good stuff of menu testing and getting the restaurant ready for service that evening.

What do you love about Savannah?

I moved down to Savannah last May and have been in love with the beauty of this place. The squares, architecture, and community are special. Walking to work now sure beats a commute in NYC, hands down!! The community here, especially the restaurant industry, welcomed us with open arms. I’ve said it before but I still feel its special to repeat how supportive and “a tide raises all boats” mentality that we received when we moved down. That feeling was really solidified when us in the industry, really banded together in conversation and assistance when facing the uncertainty of the corona virus. Really a big family!!

What is your favorite dish at The Fat Radish and why?

As a chef I’m often asked this question. Its hard to pick just one, some like The Fat Radish plate have been in my life for so long and still stand out. Then you have the excitement of new dishes coming on theme with really amazing products from local farmers. Some stand outs for me on this menu are simple dishes done really well with really great product. Steamed sprouted broccoli with anchovy butter, grilled snapper with an amazing stew of butter beans, olives, capers and tomatoes, roasted chicken with and tart and balanced warm lentil salad and eggs…just to name a few off the current menu.

The things that makes you feel most accomplished?

I’ve been blessed with so many amazing experiences in the culinary world. From pop-ups in France and Brazil to cooking at the James Beard House and for many celebrities. I don’t live much in the past and I feel that the thing that makes me feel most accomplished is this restaurant right now. The team we have cultivated, the overcoming of new challenges in a new community, going through our first hurricane (LOL) and this moment right now. Battling back from the temporary closing due to COVID-19 and still continuing to grow and learn with our new environment makes me feel excited and fulfilled.

If someone is eating for the first time, please offer your take on the perfect order. From cocktails to dessert.

Again it’s hard for a chef to pick just a few things I feel would make a perfect meal. We strive to be able to have something for everyone, whether you’re a meat and potatoes person or a vegetarian, we got you. So come hungry and willing to indulge in fresh seasonal cocktails, order a few apps to share, a main and a few more sides, and save room for house donuts to top off the night. Sharing food with people invokes good conversation, memories, and a real feeling of comradery.

If you had one night to spend in Savannah…what would Nick Wilber do?

That’s a tough one, just one night isn’t enough time. I’d start out at Husk for some great happy our cocktails, food, and oysters. Chris is an amazing chef and you need to have a sample of some of his creations. Then a stroll over to The Grey for more food and cocktails at their bar. Always a good vibe and of course Mashama delivers great food and the cocktails are always on point. Now a shameless plug to walk on down the street for dinner at The Fat Radish. Of course! If you have had enough to drink and want to wind down cruise over to Leopold’s for some ice cream to finish the night. If your in a mood and want to keep exploring and having fun check out Alley Cat and have amazing cocktails. One of my favorite bars in the world, great staff, not stuffy (you can have a sophisticated cocktail or a Coors and still get the same level of hospitality) and always good vibes.