Scenic Siesta is bringing the hostess city a unique experience for sustenance and slumber. Scenic Siesta is a bookable lounge and picnic perfect for any occasion. The set-up includes everything you’d require for an afternoon in the park! Blankets, plush pillows and a gorgeous tablescape plus food & beverage options with none of the preparing, hauling, set up or break down. You simply choose from a couple of all-inclusive packages or work with Rebekah for a  customized event. Participants can opt for add-ons such as food delivery for lunch or beverage delivery for libations. Take your picnic to the next level and book today to partake in an inspiring, unique and relaxing Savannah event.  Please note Photography and art direction by @syndieuldrick.

All bookings 12/2 – 1/2 include a box from Chatham Charcuterie plus:

$10 off a dessert box
$24 off bookings with 4-6 participants
$25 off Exhale packages
Scenic Siesta & Chatham Charcuterie gift cards available
To book visit or call 301.200.2327

What is the story of how Scenic Siesta began?

The idea for Scenic Siesta came one day while assisting a guest at the hotel. She approached the desk to ask for blankets to use at the park across the street for an impromptu picnic with her sister. The biggest light bulb went off! With all of the beautiful parks in Savannah, someone should create a service that is a sort of “made-to-order” picnic. I am that someone! The thought lit a fire under me and I immediately got to work. Building a website, researching all the elements of an elevated picnic, enlisting my neighbor to build the table, workshopping the set-up on my living floor, then finally debuting in the flesh at Forsyth Park. I chose a Saturday morning in June when I presumed foot traffic would be higher for the farmer’s market, dusted off my brand ambassador skills, and spread the word. Some people assumed it was an art installation or the concept went over their heads. The ones who got it, loved it and I even landed my very first booking on the second Saturday I set up!

Tell us a little about what a person can expect from the Scenic Siesta experience?

Scenic Siesta is a novel opportunity for sustenance and slumber. The set-up includes everything you’d require for an afternoon in the park! Blankets, plush pillows and a gorgeous table scape adorn the custom-height table, crafted by, to complete the boho-inspo design. You’ll have a bug repelling device keeping uninvited visitors away, plus a bluetooth speaker (curated playlist optional) for added ambiance. With an appetizer and refreshments included with every booking, it’s the ideal arrangement for a bite and a snooze under the sun. If you’re restless, you’ll find activities like arts and crafts, books, puzzles and playing cards within the picnic baskets. As well as plenty of hand sanitizer and sunscreen. You are more than welcome to supply your own goodies too!

Why, where and when should a person book a Scenic Siesta?

This experience is great for a birthday, date, engagement, anniversary, bachelor/bachelorette parties, showers or any kind of people looking to nap, nibble and gather! Bookings available a minimum of 48 hours in advance. Give us a call if you need to reserve sooner: 301.200.2327
If you are outside of the 45 minute range in relation to the Savannah Historic District, we’d be happy to consider your location for the Scenic Siesta experience. Call to find out if we can work something out!

What is your most popular package?

I get a lot of groups of two by far: surprise dates, anniversaries, four proposals and counting. However I’ll be hosting my first participants who’ve opted for the Brunch & Beauties Exhale Package this coming weekend. It’s a bachelorette party and I’m so excited to be a part of their celebration. I look forward to booking more of those groups of 4+ in the coming year.

What makes you feel most accomplished?

I wholeheartedly believe in a work hard, play hard lifestyle. We can all attest from the year we’ve had that life is too short to not set time aside for leisure. Of course what we do now for fun looks different while we practice social distancing and wear masks, etc. Scenic Siesta is a great way to take a load off and still follow protocols. However, whether you book with me or not, I feel accomplished if I’ve motivated you to dedicate time to (safe) recreation!

Do you have an example of a Scenic Siesta that will be remembered forever by one of your clients?

Absolutely the twins celebrating their 7th birthday along with little brother, mom and grandma. Those kids were gushing! All of the games and activities got used that day! I love hosting families. Their smiles made me smile too 🙂

What would you do if you only had one night to spend in Savannah?

Staycation at The Springhill Suites on Ogelthorpe. Not the ritziest but they have a hot tub, my top vacay requirement. Close enough to downtown’s action to reasonably walk (stumble?) back to rest. Yet far enough to not have to hear the bar hopping commotion. (I know! Hypocritical growing up in NYC but just a couple years in the South and for the first time I’m sound sensitive at night. I need a really quiet sleep environment now.) Choose a look from an over-packed duffle. Especially considering I’m only staying one night. Pre-game with bubbly to start and munch on the finest fare from ChathamCharcuterie. Solo cup in tow on the walk to Ordinary Pub for their low country mac & cheese. Take it to-go and dine on a bench in one of the squares. A single, slow tear runs down my cheek from the shrimp and andouille sausage goodness that my life has been lacking. End the night underground at BAR BAR or rooftop at The Grove, whichever is less crowded. Realize I’m a whole decade beyond 21 and leave by the 11th top 40 song. Hot tub soak to recover in the AM prior to check-out. It’s a good time!