Sometimes you meet people and they leave an impression. I first met Sidney at The Brice Hotel behind the bar where he was wearing a pajama onesie. It was their holiday party and the spirits were high. It was clear right from the start the enthusiasm for people and the good energy Sidney brought to the team. I remembered the warmth and the smiling face. I next encountered him at Ghost Coast Distillery where I felt like I had found an old friend. Bartenders are an important part of our experience when visiting an establishment, please visit Sidney at Ghost Coast and enjoy his favorite cocktail, the Tomochichi, I guarantee you’ll leave better than you arrived.

What does a typical morning look like for you?

I usually start my morning off around 6:30am. I take my oldest daughter to school and then see my other one off after I return from that. I like to run for a couple of miles or get my heart rate up first thing in the morning so I’m ready and energized when it’s time to start work. My day to day is always changing but usually involves custom cocktail menus, setting up events for Ghost Coast Distillery with one of our many amazing community partners, or spreading the word about our ever-growing collection of craft spirits.

What do you love about Savannah?

I love Savannah’s rich history, proximity to water, and diverse community. The restaurant and bar industry has some of the most talented individuals in the country and I love trying the newest and greatest creations.

What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you while tending bar in Savannah?

My very first bartending job was with Wild Wing Cafe in City Market. Before having made a single drink for a customer, a guest ordered a Jager Bomb. I knew that it was made with just two ingredients: Red Bull and Jagermeister. I thought, “I got this!” so I added Jager and Red Bull to a shaker and started to get my shake on. The carbonation from the Red Bull made the shaker tin explode all over me and one of my co-workers that I was training that day. I felt so stupid, but I looked at him and said lesson number one. Don’t do what I just did.

The things that makes you feel most accomplished?

A recent project landed me in Jekyll Island working with the beautiful newly opened, Barrier Island Brewery. I had the opportunity to work with some amazing people one of them being Chef Vic Vegas from the reality show Bar Rescue. Since opening the owner Blake Merrill has been very pleased with the results. It’s the best opening I’ve had in my career so far!

Who is the most influential Savannahian in your life?

Roger Moss has had a huge influence on the local arts and cultural community in Savannah. I had the pleasure of meeting him while working at Sage and he is still one of my favorite customers and now friend.

Your favorite drink at Ghost Coast and why?

Tomochichi is my all-time favorite cocktail and has been the best selling cocktail at Ghost Coast since it was released. I love this drink because it is so versatile and customizable. It works well with Vodka, Whiskey, flavored spirits and even our limited-release Agave. It also allows me to give homage to one of Savannah’s historical figures.

If you had one night to spend in Savannah…what would Sidney Moses Lance do?

I would start with cocktails at the beautiful Savannah rooftop bar, Perry Lane’s Peregrin. For dinner, I would visit The Grey and enjoy everything that John O & Mashama have to offer. After that I would hangout with my homies Jomar, Mark & Yasser at the Peacock Lounge underneath Flock to the Wok. The space there is very chill and laid back, but offers jaw-dropping cocktails and amazing conversation from staff. I would have to end my night with a Ghost Coast Burl Gin martini at my neighborhood bar, Lone Wolf. Cheers!