Have you found yourself in a hairy situation? Then you need to check out Southern Sugaring, an all-natural alternative to traditional wax for hair removal. Jessica Mock founded Southern Sugaring in 2015 with the mission to create an unforgettable and empowering client experience through empathy, body positivity, humor and meticulously detail-oriented services. As a Licensed Esthetician, she has been an expert in the ancient art of sugaring hair removal for ten years, and now, their service menu has expanded to include skincare treatments using their very own product line and custom formulations, as well as lash and brow design.  You can get any of these exactly-what-you-need services at 9104 Middleground Road, Suite 2. Read below to find out a little more about sugaring, an amazing product line, as well as, get to know a little about Jessica.

What is sugaring and why is it better than other hair removal methods in your opinion?

The Southern Sugaring method hurts less and lasts longer than traditional waxing because we focus not only on correct technique but the entire client experience. Our hair removal paste is certified organic, fair trade and made of sugar, lemon, and water. It’s so natural you could EAT it, but let’s not let your sweet tooth get too crazy! We set ourselves apart from other salons who offer sugaring services with our attention to detail (ingrowns don’t stand a chance!) and a cheeky sense of humor. We’re pulling the hair from “down there,” so we can’t take ourselves too seriously! Laughter is the best pain blocker!

What product line do you use and why?

At Southern Sugaring, we’ve actually developed our very own, exclusive line of skincare products, Top Shelf. Our variety of skin tonics provide our clients with multiple benefits like cleansing, moisturizing, clarifying, peeling, hydrating…the list goes on. We sell all our Top Shelf products in the salon and online at https://www.southernsugaring.com/shop?category=Top%20Shelf.

Please let us know what services you suggest for people as we are going into beach season?

Beach season is almost here and that means swimsuits and bikinis, so obviously, I would recommend either our signature Brazillian sugaring hair removal (bikini area and between the buns) or the traditional bikini sugaring hair removal (directly outside the bikini area). However, don’t forget that we also offer sugaring on every part of your body that will be kissed by the sun: legs, arms, and chest . Basically, if you have hair somewhere you don’t want, we can sugar it off!

What is the best way for someone to find out more information and how do they book?

Anyone who wants to learn more about sugaring can either call us at (912) 495-7091, check out our website at www.southernsugaring.com, or just stop by the salon at 9104 Middleground Road, Suite 2. Any of our experienced staff would be happy to give you a tour of our new facility and spacious treatment rooms.

To make an appointment, simply visit www.southernsugaring.com/appointments and schedule the services you need through our Vagaro booking system. And to save time when you get to the salon, you can even complete your intake form online at www.southernsugaring.com/intake-form. We can’t wait for you to experience the Southern Sugaring method!

What do you love about Savannah?

What I love most about Savannah is the community and spirit. As a small business owner during the COVID-19 shutdown, I became even more aware of how tight-knit and supportive the people of Savannah are, even in the toughest of times. I’ve gotten nothing but love since starting my business here, so I know I made the perfect choice in believing in Savannah as the best city to launch the Southern Sugaring empire!

What makes you feel most accomplished?

I feel most accomplished when my team or I can put clients at ease about their removal fears and apprehensions. In the hair removal business, empathy for the pain or fear our clients may experience can not be overlooked. Every Sugarista at Southern Sugaring is not only trained in the skill of sugaring, but they have their own empathetic “bedside manner” to put client’s minds and skin at ease. Each person that walks through our spa doors has their own expectation about their first Brazilian. They may be scared or uncomfortable or even confused. It’s the Sugarista’s job to learn each client’s “emotional pain point” and work with them to understand, comfort and give them the best experience.

If you only had one night to spend in Savannah…what would you do?

If I only had one night to spend in Savannah, I would head over to the new Plant Riverside District. With all the new restaurant options, gorgeous architecture and live music, I could spend hours exploring Savannah’s newest downtown gem.