Local Flavor-The Candle Bro

During a time when many of us are spending more time at home, infusing a room with a fragrance is one small way to help soothe frustrations. Plus in the case of The Candle Bro, you will chuckle out loud every time you read the label. I asked the owner of The Candle Bro, Raymond Thomas, “Why candles?” He simply said, “Honestly, I’m just a bro who likes to dabble in the art of candle making. I started making candles in 2018 as a hobby and then did a private label for a local store. I launched The Candle Bro in February of 2020, right before the world closed down, and have been melting wax and slinging scents ever since.” It appears Mr. Thomas has discovered the scent of success as Savannah businesses can’t seem to keep his product on their shelves. Read below as The Candle Bro waxes poetic about his favorite candles, where you can get your hands on your very own candle and an awesome way to spend one day and night in Savannah.

How do you come up with the cheeky names?

I feel like I’m kind of a cheeky boy at heart. My kids would definitely label me a “silly dad.” So I think the names are generally part dad-joke, part pop culture, part just me being stupid.

What is your favorite candle and why?

This changes on a regular basis, but right now my favorite is GHOSTING SOMEONE BEFORE THEY GHOST U (Oakmoss + Lilac). ROLLIN WITH THE HOMIES (Nag Champa) is a very close second.

What is your best seller?

FORGIVE, FORGET, FERNET and A LITTLE BIT ALEXIS have both been super popular. People seem to really dig fernet and “Schitt’s Creek,” I guess.

How can people purchase your products?

I have a website (https://thecandlebrosav.com/) but I’m also in a couple of places locally. In Starland District, I’m right by the amazing ice cream at Starland Strange, and on Thunderbolt, I’m at the new sandwich shop Finches Sandwiches & Sundries. I’m one of the sundries haha. I’m also super happy to now be at Anderson Mercantile in Richmond Hill and kind of randomly, at a vineyard in Cape Cod!

What does the future hold for the Candle Bro?

I have a couple of cool collaborations coming up this year. A buddy of mine is launching a furniture line and I’m on tap to do his private label candle for it! Beyond that, I’m excited to get into some new retail spaces and pop-ups that are in the works as well.

What do you love about Savannah?

I love how supportive Savannahians are of each other especially in the small business and maker community. Everything feels complimentary and collaborative, rather than competitive.

What makes you feel accomplished?

Making someone smile is genuinely how I measure success with The Candle Bro. It is really amazing to hear when a candle name or scent or the silly vibe of the brand resonates with someone. That’s my goal.

If you only had one night to spend in Savannah…what would The Candle Bro do?

There is an episode of “Broad City” where Ilana and Abbi go from the “tippity top to the tippity bottom” of Manhattan for Abbi’s 30th birthday. I think the perfect Savannah day/night would start South of the park in Starland at the tippity top with a breakfast delight at Back in the Day Bakery and some kombucha from Superbloom. As you head towards the park, grab a nice (cheap) bottle of champagne from Cha-Del’s (this will come in handy later) and do a happy little shuffle up Bull Street. Quick stop at Foxy for coffee, quick stop into Stump to look at beautiful plants that I would probably kill, but I dig the aesthetic, an then you’re basically at lunch time, so go grab a to-go margarita, a couple of tacos and a blanket from Bull Street Taco. Marg in hand, tacos and champagne from Cha-Del’s on a beautiful blanket in the park is your next destination. Sip a little bubbles, take a little nap in the park. Post nap, your evening is a “snack around” agenda downtown. Peel and eat shrimp at Husk, anything at The Diner Bar at The Grey is next (although I would always recommend Cacio e Pepe if it’s on the menu), followed by a dank cheeseburger at The Emporium, and fire cheesecake at Savoy next door. The night has to end on a rooftop, so I would recommend the bar at The Alida, fernet shots, and then you’ve officially done it…tippity top to tippity bottom of Savannah.