The Bloody Mary has long claimed brunch as its own, but that doesn’t mean that all Bloody Mary’s are created equal, in this feature we are going to show you some of Scout’s favorite local ingredients when making the perfect Bloody Mary.

A Bloody Mary, at its essence, is built of a tomato base plus vodka. Yet, its variations may include many different sauces, spices, citrus and then further embellished by all sorts of add-on’s, twists and turns. This is where Savannah shines, it is a spicy town full of local homemade ingredients all perfect for the making of one special Bloody Mary.


Capital Bee’s Savannah Glassware

You can’t make the perfect Savannah cocktail without the perfect glass. I love that this glass is understated but the beautiful etching lends character. It’s a great serving piece and doubles as a gift for those out-of-town visitors as they muse about the perfect Savannah Bloody Mary. If you haven’t been to Capital Bee, you will want to allow yourself some time to browse all the goodness this store has to offer and don’t forget to grab a taste of their local honey.

Savannah Vodka

Savannah Distilling’s quest to find Georgia’s most exquisite water took them North into the Blue Ridge Mountains. On an old country farm lies a natural cold spring. They couple this pristine water with 100% select corn to craft their crisp, smooth Savannah vodka. This is a really clean tasting vodka which is the perfect base for a delicious Bloody Mary.

Savannah Bloody Mary Mix

Savannah Bloody Mary Mix is the first product of the newly formed Savannah Beverage and Brinery. Co-created by the husband and wife culinary team of Jeremy Diehl and Kelly Yambor, the mix takes traditional Bloody Mary flavors – the spice of fresh ground black pepper, garden fresh flavors of celery seed, tangy fresh tomato juice, and the brightness of fresh squeezed lemon – and adds a layer of savory, lingering umami. Umami, the mysterious fifth flavor, is the earthy component that makes a splash of fish sauce sing in a recipe, that makes slow-cooked beef broth so rich and comforting. Savannah Bloody Mary Mix is made with all natural ingredients. What Scout likes about this mix is that no flavor profile is overwhelming, making easy to customize to your taste.

Bourbon Barrel Aged Worcestershire Sauce

This is the only item on the list NOT made in or close to Savannah. However, it really is a key ingredient in a fantastic Bloody Mary and it is sold at one of our local businesses, Chef Darin’s Kitchen Table. Here is just a few of the reasons it deserves a spot in your cocktail. This Worcestershire sauce is a unique take on the traditional all-purpose seasoning. A finalist for the 2016 Good Food Award, they developed a sauce that utilizes the flavors of Kentucky’s Bourbon country. It’s sweetened with sorghum, blended with pure Kentucky limestone spring water, and mellowed in bourbon barrels that were used to age some of the Bluegrass State’s finest Bourbons. It is all-natural and vegetarian,

Greg’s Famous

Greg’s Famous is like one of those restaurants that you need to make a reservation exactly 30 days before to get into the door. You must watch Greg’s IG account for when the sauce is dropping and then you must run, not walk, to either Graveface Records or Fox & Fig Cafe to procure. BUT it is worth the hype. Just take a gander at the local companies are used to make this not-to-be-missed sauce: Florida scotch bonnets and ghost peppers, a lil @vertufarm red jalapenos and pink grapefruit with farm persimmons, Meyer lemon juice from George’s Gorgeous Greens and serranos from @michelepokr at Ogeechee River Gardens. Add in some sage and chervil from @billysbotanicals, apocalypse scorpion and death spiral peppers from @slickaway_hollow_peppers, baby turmeric powder from @spadeandclover and a lil extra special white habanero and maitake mushroom vinegar from @farmentedforest. Just a simple recipe bound to knock your socks off.

Whipporwill Farms Brown Sugar Belly Bacon

Not only is Whipporwill Farms one of Scout’s favorite accounts to follow on social media…tales of goats, piglets and her sweet daughter. But they also make some mean bacon. The sweetness of the brown sugar with the forested pork is the perfect thickness to wind its way up and down your skewer of goodness. We purchased ours through Vertu Farm’s barn 2 door app and then picked it up the next day at their farm at 2500 Tennessee Avenue, but they also offer delivery services and are at Hilton Head & Forsyth Farmers Markets weekly.

Southern Georgia Pecan Company Candied Jalapenos

These little nuggets of sweet mixed with spicy are not a normal Bloody Mary add-on which is what we like. A little surprise, as the sweet perfectly compliments the Whipporwill bacon. The spicier you want it the more you can add. The good news is that when you stop by Capital Bee for your glassware, you can also pick up your jalapenos. They are in stock and can point you in the direction of these and other local condiments.

GL&C- Whip Whip’s Good & Evil Pickles

How can you resist any food with the disclaimer: “this product has caused fights to break out over the last pickle.” These devilishly good spears can be found at A Southern Lifestyle Co. They have a store in Tanger Outlet and also offer mail order. They are the perfect combination of sweet and spicy and are offered with or without garlic.