As you create your shopping list, keep in mind what local markets offer — it’s not only groceries. There are great products to be found right here in Savannah and Scout is here to share a few of our favorite purchases recently.

Hale Tea Co.

Key Largo Green Rooibos flavored with papaya bits, mango pieces and marigold flower petals. This is my second order of Key Largo and I can’t get enough. It makes a refreshing glass of iced tea which is perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up in the Savannah heat. I also love that there are no chemicals or additives.

Savannah Bee Company

I received Savannah Bee Beeswax Salve as a gift and honestly didn’t think I would use it. I was so wrong…I use it all the time. It is excellent at moisturizing dry skin but not just on your hands…lips and face too. And when my toddler has a runny nose, this stuff makes her sore nose better in a matter of minutes. And it’s USDA organic which makes me love it even more.


I have had my eye on these Swedish Dishclothes for some time. When I saw them offered locally, I immediately added to my cart. These dishclothes are used as a replacement for paper towels and sponges and absorb 20X their weight. Made from cellulose and cotton and printed with water based inks they last approximately 6-9 months and are totally compostable. They can be cleaned in the washing machine or top rack of dishwasher. Not only are they adorable but a great way to save the planet since more than 13 billion pounds of paper towels is distributed into landfills throughout the United States yearly. Also, as a bonus Three Bluebirds pledges through the Planet Partnership to restore 20 gallons of water to nature every time you purchase a dishcloth. All this and I received a cute package delivered right to my car with curbside delivery.

The Salt Table

We have sure been watching a lot of movies lately and one of my favorite treats is to add a sprinkle of The Salt Table’s Smoked Bacon salt to my popcorn. I think I’m already down to 1/2 bottle. It’s a game changer.

Cast & Grey Botanical

My Silver Satin is still going strong from Cast & Grey. This is really the way to go guys. Call or DM Cast & Grey and they will bring a beautiful, healthy plant right to your doorstep for less than you would pay at any big box store. Get yours today.