Located in the old The Bier Haus location at 513 E. Oglethorpe Avenue is E-Tang, Savannah’s newest Asian restaurant.  Whether you’ve grown up eating Americanized staples like sesame chicken or more authentic cuisine such as dry stir fried pork intestines—or both—there’s always something on the menu to please. E-Tang is one of just a few Savannah Asian restaurants that offers the dine-in restaurant experience. It is not only take out, you have the option of sitting down to dine beneath the lanterns and umbrellas and soaking up the ambiance. The friendly staffers are always eager to chat about the menu of Asian delicacies and encourage you to try something new. It’s the kind of place that one could see themselves becoming a regular. Here are 10 things to know about E-Tang.

1. Scout had the Chicken Fried Rice and Shredded Pork with Garlic Sauce. Both of which were generous portions and flavorful with just the right amount of spice.

2. They will not get their liquor license till approximately December so don’t forget to BYOB. Once they get their license they will offer beer, wine and Saki.

3. When we asked the waiter what he suggested for locals his answer, “Crab cheese wontons which are a special request and for more authentic cuisine the dry stir-fried pork intestines.” He also mentioned you can’t go wrong with Crispy Spicy Chicken, Tofu Fish Fillet, Crispy Duck and Cumin Lamb or Beef.


4. Like traditional chinese, each dish is made to order, so if you have allergies or preferences they can be accommodated.

5. The price point is higher than your normal Chinese takeout prices but the trade off is you could have an enjoyable dinner out or date night of dining on General Tso’s chicken without the Styrofoam.

6. The space is large enough to safely social distance and the tables are big to accommodate larger parties.

7. Sometimes parking is tough in that parking lot but around the corner on Houston you can usually find parking and use the side door to enter.

8. You can see their menu and order online at etangfood.com or directly here.

9. They work with Uber Eats for delivery but will soon have a delivery service in-house.

10. Will have soup dumplings and dim sum in the next month or so. Dim sum will be daily for lunch and dinner.