Savannah is a great city, full of great people doing great things. So next time you are ready to hit the town but can’t figure out where to go then check out Scout’s, “My Favorite Things” series. We will get the inside scoop from influential community members on where they spend their down time in our great city. Safely supporting local business is essential to keeping our city vital and is needed now more than ever.

Our first guest needs no introduction because with a last name like Leopold, everyone knows you’re the go-to for Savannah’s favorite sweet treat! Stratton Leopold is the owner and operator of Leopold’s Ice Cream, the youngest son of one of the original founders, Peter Leopold. What you may not know, he has also been in the film business for more than 40 years, producing major, hi-budget motion pictures. He has nearly 60 film and television credits to his name ranging from executive producer and producer to casting director and actor. Read below to find out some of Mr. Leopold’s favorite things.

Your favorite place to grab a cocktail in Savannah and why?

I enjoy going downstairs at the Pink House. The atmosphere is really great there.

The restaurant or restaurants you eat out at the most? 

Olympia Cafe. Since my parents came from Greece it’s like home cooking to me.

Where do you go to get your comfort food fix?

Olympia Cafe, Sweet Potatoes or Vincenzo’s Pizza.

Where do you go to unwind?


A Savannah business that you find inspiring?

The Olde Pink House and Byrd’s Cookie Co.

What is your favorite sweet treat in Savannah, other than Leopold’s of course?

I eat a lot of our ice cream. Testing flavors, you know.

If someone was visiting Savannah for the first time, what’s the one thing they should not miss, aside from Leopold’s?

All the Coastal Heritage Society sites, Fort Pulaski, Savannah Repertory Theater.