Savannah is a great city, full of great people doing great things. So next time you are ready to hit the town but can’t figure out where to go then check out Scout’s, “My Favorite Things” series. We will get the inside scoop from influential community members on where they spend their down time in our great city. Safely supporting local business is essential to keeping our city vital and is needed now more than ever.

The power of music cannot be denied. There is ample evidence of how music adds vibrancy to communities. As we searched for an influential person in the Savannah music scene, we reached out to a few local artists to see who they felt was a mentor to local talent and two names kept coming back: Jeremy Davis and Clay Johnson of The Fabulous Equinox Orchestra. What makes these guys so great? Broadway World summed it up best when they wrote, “Southern gents and childhood best friends, Jeremy Davis and Clay Johnson, have created something unique – The Fabulous Equinox Orchestra – a fiery hot and soulful Southern big band that is the Hope Diamond of entertainment. That is to say, there is only one and it is spectacular! Audiences from Napa to NYC, Miami to Canada, and Europe to the Middle East have emphatically agreed with thunderous ovations, and it all started in a junior high band program in Louisiana. This is Great American Music at it’s finest!”

If you want to see Great American Music at it’s finest then check out their website for upcoming dates and don’t miss their special new album release party at Holly Oaks on the Marsh on Sunday, May 2nd.

Photo credit: Geoff Johnson

Your favorite place to grab a cocktail in Savannah and why?

There are so many. We do a lot of business in NYC, and the cocktail scene there is incredible! We’ve found some amazing comparables right here in Savannah, like Artillery Bar, Peacock Lounge, and the exotic Baobab Lounge at Plant Riverside District.

The restaurant or restaurants you eat out at the most?

Since we don’t have an office space, we do all of our meetings and brain-storming sessions in Savannah restaurants. We’ve been to countless, but you can find us most often at Collins Quarter, Fire Street Food or J. Christophers.

Where do you get your comfort food fix?

Leopold’s. Is ice cream considered comfort food?

Photo credit: David Parks

Where do you go to unwind?

Tybee, of course 🙂

What do you suggest for people who would like to patronize all the great singer/songwriters in Savannah?

Plant Riverside District features a parade of all the area’s greatest singer/songwriters, and we’re not just saying that because we book all the acts there.

A Savannah business that you find inspiring?

Bitty & Beau’s Coffee hires differently-abled women and men to serve customers. Go there. Support them.

Photo credit: Christine Hall

What is your favorite sweet treat in Savannah?

Can we say Leopold’s twice? Also, a new favorite is Savannah Square Pops.

If someone was visiting Savannah for the first time, what’s the one thing they should not miss?

As strange as it sounds, we encourage all newcomers to visit Bonaventure Cemetery, find Johnny Mercer’s grave and just take it all in. Stunning and inspiring beauty.