Life wouldn’t be the same without best friends. They’re the ones we can count on. The ones who love, laugh and support in both good and bad times. Friendships are a bond that join many people together in beautiful ways. Celebrating National Best Friends Day is just one of the ways you can acknowledge your awesome sidekick and show them how much they mean to you plus spend some quality time together.


Savannah’s Step Up Partners has many ways you can help your community. If you want to take some affirmative action they have some great programs including African American Male Achievement, Chatham County Youth Futures Authority, Savannah graduates and many more. Check out their website for opportunities. A great way for you to spend some time together but also be a positive part of the change we are all working towards.


Make Your Own Candle

That’s right…relax with wax at Melted Grape. Visit Melted Grape’s Candle Bar to create your very own custom candle. With over 50 fragrances to choose from their scent wall, reserve a date and leave with your own masterpiece.

Plan a Movie Night

Not ready to go to the theater’s yet…no worries, Montage Cinemas has you covered. They are offering virtual cinema that you view right from the comfort of your own living room. I recommend Corpus Christi which is incisive, darkly humorous and an exploration of faith, second chances and the possibility of atonement wrapped up in 1 hour and 56 minutes. Giving you just enough time to catch up after and talk about all the things you’ve done together that may have required atonement.

Show them you love them a latte

If both schedules are busy, how about bringing your friend a morning latte.