The food truck craze continues to take Savannah by storm. Get an inside look at the newest food truck to hit the scene. C. Alexanders will soon be rolling into the Savannah Metropolitan area, from Wilmington Island to Pooler, in the late Spring. Also, open for catering, private events and festivals.

From handcrafted burgers to funnel cake fries, C. Alexanders is preparing to be an integral part of the city’s culinary food truck culture. The food truck is designed around its mission statement: “Simple Food Done Well.” The heart and soul of C. Alexanders is husband and wife duo, Casey and Georgiana. A young couple pursuing an entrepreneurial path, eager to become loved by their community through their food and service.

Casey has been in many leading positions for over 12 years, with a bachelor’s degree in culinary arts from Le Cordon Bleu Schools of North America and Georgiana who is also a food industry professional, holding a bachelor’s degree in hospitality management and currently managing a fast casual restaurant chain for 3 years now. All menu items pass through their chef’s imagination, inspiration and creativity and become a variety of handcrafted burgers, upscale sandwiches, inspired quesadillas and gourmet fries.  They are a from scratch kitchen, sourcing their ingredients and products from local markets and vendors.

C. Alexanders, was imagined during the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic. Casey was laid off of work, just like thousands of people in our community. It was a tough time and much uncertainty for their household and for our community. They came to a moment of realization: people need to be nurtured and loved and that was the moment when C. Alexanders came to life. Its purpose is to bring families and friends together through broken bread.

When you see Scout standing in the front of the C. Alexanders line it will be to get Georgianna’s favorite menu item…roast pork quesadilla. The roast pork is rich and succulent, the goat cheese adds a deeper note of richness and creaminess that is cut by the sweetness of the apricot glaze and fresh arugula. Sold!