Do you know what’s picking up steam, literally in 2020…the bath. The tub is a place to rest, heal, soak and de-stress. Who doesn’t want a relaxing experience in the tub? That’s why we are excited to welcome Amelia Island Soapery to 320 West Broughton Street. The founder, Tracy Gunn, originally began making soap out of her kitchen and then took the products to an impressive 3000 plus stores nationwide. After several years of wholesale and a decline in big box stores sales, Tracy decided to slow life down and opened her first location Amelia Island Soapery in it’s namesake location of Amelia Island. Lucky for us her next expansion led her directly to Broughton Street in Savannah where she continues her love of designing new products and greeting customers.

Bathing’s popularity can readily be chalked up to a meaningful, slow experience where the scents and colors of products create an experience. Mrs. Gunn creates bath bombs that are not only larger than the competition but she also provides a handmade quality product made with natural ingredients to appeal to all ages and genders. Included in her product line you will find sugar scrubs, sea sponge soaps, shower steamers, lotions, shampoo bars and even a bath bomb party that you may schedule as an event. We asked her what her favorite product was, “All of them of course but my favorite product is and will always be the bar soaps. It was the first product I ever made. It was hard to learn how to make it and even harder to learn how to make them stunningly beautiful. I still make every single bar of soap myself and still take a picture or video of every batch I make.”

If you are short on time but still want to partake in the products, Amelia Island Soapery offers a monthly subscription box that is mailed right to your door. Every month they fill a box with a variety of products for $59 per month that is valued around $125.00. This way you will never run out of self care products.

Looks like its time for some self care and Tracy has the perfect evening all laid out. Run yourself a nice hot bath with one of Amelia Island’s fragrant bath bombs and your favorite beverage. Next apply the sugar scrub to exfoliate and moisturize before you get out of the tub. Apply their super thick and creamy lotion after your bath and hopefully someone will give you a massage while you fall asleep. Amelia Island Soapery has all the goods to prioritize self care in the new year!