Shoppers at the newly opened JKH Ceramics at 106 E. 40th St. will find pieces suited to every purpose and style, whether it’s sculptural statement vases, platters or dishes not to mention a variety of jewelry.  But that’s not all, owner Jennifer Kelly Huskey has incorporated pieces from other artists that complement her work, like handmade, reclaimed wood cutting boards and organic linen napkins and tea towels. Jennifer is producing and procuring pieces as useful as they are attractive.

In keeping with her overall style of an organic look inspired by nature. Jennifer steers her creative ship towards simplicity and the root of her work is in wabi-sabi aesthetic and philosophy, which is the view that beauty is found in objects that are imperfect, impermanent and incomplete. This aesthetic is carried throughout the light, bright, quiet, airy, calming and peaceful small space that is now the storefront for JKH Ceramics.

Jennifer took her first pottery class almost 30 years ago at a community center in Arkansas where she grew up.  She immediately connected with clay and the literal hands-on process.  She continued to take community classes and workshops over the years, and only recently decided to work with clay full-time.

Two items remain a best seller, a 3 piece pinch pot nesting dish with metallic accents and hand-formed “oyster” dishes. She hand mixes three different clays then forms them into an oyster shape. They are as pleasing to look at as they are functional. Next year, she plans to explore making larger works like table and pendant lamps, candleholders, wall sculptures and serving pieces. When we asked what she enjoys making most she said, “I really enjoy making kurinuki jars – kurinuki is the process of hand-carving a box, jar or cup from a block of clay. They’re therapeutic to make and like little jewels when finished.”

If you’re looking for style and functionality in one place, add JKH Ceramics to your list.

Thursdays 1pm-5pm
Fridays 1pm-5pm
Saturdays 12pm-5pm
By appt. Sun-Wed, contact via email or DM through IG @jenniferkellyhuskey