Savannah is a beautiful place to explore and while the term “social distancing” has become the new norm in the last few weeks there are plenty of ways to avoid gathering with more than ten individuals and stay a minimum of six feet apart.

By now, you’ve probably watched enough Tiger King to need some outdoor brain stimulation. What better way to do that then one of these Scouted destinations.

Tom Triplett Park 

This is a beautiful park right off of Dean Forest Road in Pooler. I had a lovely morning walking around the 1.5 mile paved jogging, running and bicycle trail. The trail wraps around a fresh water lake that is stocked with fish.  You can throw in a line from the bank or from one of two fishing piers. They also have plenty of pavilions spaced safely apart for a picnic. If sports are more your social distancing jam, there are 2 tennis courts and a frisbee golf course. I came fully prepared to bring home the gold on the course, only to learn that you need special weighted discs to play.  I think you could make it happen with a regular frisbee but without the weighted discs your frisbee won’t go as far and those holes are really far apart.

Skidaway Island State Park

Just a few minutes drive from downtown Savannah is another park with wide open spaces where you can safely experience some peace. Skidaway has 6 miles of trails, as well as, picnic shelters. My favorite trail is Moon River at Downing Piers which is at the end of McWhorter Drive and not the same as the main access point to the state park.  Also, if you are in a situation where one person wants to hike and the other person is in more of a sit and read type of mood.  You can do both from this location.

Savannah Wildlife Refuge

Driving around this 4 mile loop will give you at least an hour away from the house and is definitely good for spotting a gator or 20. You can tune your radio to 1610AM and hear some of the history of the area.  There are also walking, jogging and hiking trails well marked throughout the drive. If you want more of a serious trail, directly across from the exit to the refuge is a trail head for Tupelo Trail and Kingfisher Loop. Also, the only entrance to the refuge that is open is the one off of 170.

Bonaventure Cemetery

I know what you are thinking, how can a cemetery by cheerful? This was my initial thought too but we set off to see if this would be a good place to get some exercise since we were experiencing crowding at some of the other well known spots.  I can honestly say that the walk/run was very peaceful and the flowers were gorgeous.  Also, we were there for almost an hour and never encountered another soul…that we saw anyway.