Is it the shape, depth or crust that makes Detroit pizza so special? All of them…and that’s why Steve Troxell a self proclaimed food obsessed home cook, started making Detroit style pizzas for his friends that soon became the Pizza Club. Together with this girlfriend, Leah Van Namen, who quickly became project manager + taste tester.

You might be asking, “What is a Detroit style pizza?” It’s the everyman of pizza, inviting people in with its rectangular shape, light, airy dough and browned cheese perimeter. Unlike most other pizza styles, Detroit-style pizza layers the crust with cheese and toppings below the sauce. Where can you get a slice of this Motor City heaven? Just follow @Pizzaclub_sav to find out when and where the next club meeting will be held. If you are lucky you can squeeze into the next pop-up at Over Yonder on November 10th. The pre-orders are sold out but there will be a few pie’s available for walk-in’s.


Tell us the concept behind Pizza Club Savannah?

I started making all sorts of regional pizzas for the bartenders of Moodright’s/Over Yonder every Saturday because I think we’re all a little pizza crazy, plus I just love to cook. So it became a thing that was happening  every Saturday as soon they open and a lot of people were starting to catch on hoping to snag some.
I grew up in metro Detroit, so I’m always looking for the deep dish experience. But that I know of, that just isn’t happening in Savannah. No disrespect to the others in Savannah – Detroit style isn’t trying to be fancy. So 2020 gave me plenty of time to try to perfect it on my own.

Please tell us about what people can expect from one of your events? 

Hopefully something nostalgic for some Michiganders – thicc and cheesy pizza. We’re starting with the basics, for now but you can expect some specialty pizzas, cookies, Detroit centric cocktails + wings from the Over Yonder Kitchen on future Detroit nights.

What is the best way for people to keep up with all the fun that PCS is bringing to Savannah?

I like to keep things fairly minimal, so just Instagram/Facebook for now.

Can you accommodate allergies, ie, gluten and/or dairy?

I can accommodate vegetarian for now but I am working on GF. Vegan would be very difficult to pull off considering everything Detroit pizza, but am open to exploring some ideas in the future. We’ll see how this all goes 🙂

Can you give our readers a little teaser as to what to expect in the future from PCS?

More consistent pop-ups at Over Yonder with some drink and wing specials from OY to pair along with PC. Maybe some specialty nights…think Taco Bell or Bob’s Burgers. We’re not trying to be fancy!

What do you love about Savannah?

Absolutely: the community. I feel like I’ve known everyone for years. You can have a beer with anyone and have a good time. Plus, everyone is living at a slower pace compared to Michigan, something that I acclimated to pretty easily.

What makes you feel most accomplished?

Getting ask if I’m “the guy who does pizza, right?” – Crazy considering I only make stuff for the few folks who are already in the Club. Plus, a lot of people that have had some of my food are always asking when they can get some again.

If you only had one night to spend in Savannah…what would you do?

Eat my weight in food at either Common Thread, Cotton & Rye, or Husk. Drink my weight at Moodrights. I’m easy to please