What do you do when life hands you lemons? In the case of Chef Alexander Mack, you use them to perfect your beurre blanc sauce. Chef Mack owns A.M. Diverse Cooking which is a plant based personal chef service in Savannah and neighboring areas. Alexander is on a mission to bring soulful, healthy food to your family, he believes that eating organic whole foods should be readily accessible to all. Overcoming adversary in his own life, a mission that is especially close to his heart, is working with Savannah youth to educate and help them be self sufficient in the kitchen and pass down this skill through the generations. A.M. Diverse is available for deliverable plant based meal plans, personal chef experiences, catering and holiday packages. Education is a big part of the process and Chef Mack can give you tips to keep diabetes, heart disease, and other health problems under control through healthy eating. You can visit his website at amdiversecooking.com or follow him at @a.m.diversecooking to see what he is cooking up.  Get to know a little more about the chef himself by reading below.

What can someone expect from a personal chef experience?

You will be able to taste the love in the food, from the great flavor to the superb service. A.M. Diverse works to help your vision become a reality for your family reunion, home experience, bridal showers and more.

What cuisine is your specialty?

I love making pasta from scratch to be served with a red sauce or beurre blanc. Also, baked goods, stews and soups, any food that is comforting.

Can I buy a loaf of bread or order something small to try?

Yes, you can go to A.M. Diverse website and right now I have a Thanksgiving ala carte menu where every item is vegan, made-from-scratch, and utilizes wholesome ingredients. Some of the dishes include smoked potato salad, black eyed peas, collard greens, gluten free pies and bread and much more. Also, Davis Produce at 7755 US-80 sells my bread.

What would you serve for a dinner party of 6 people?

Herbal Chick-less Parm (made with Swampy Appleseed Lion’s Mane and Jackfruit) served with smoky wine infused tomato sauce. Of course, accompanied by the perfect Cabernet along with herbal mashed and sauteed veggies in a white wine reduction. Finally, for dessert a crumble peach cobbler cheescake.

What is your biggest tip to achieving the perfect dinner party?

3 things really: patience is key, plan ahead and never underestimate organization

Who would you invite to a dinner party if you could choose anyone living or not?

I would invite the homeless community and give them access to good food. I would serve herbal macaroni and cheese, mushroom ribs, smoky gnocchi with tomato sauce and smoked turkless legs.