Does this ring a bell? “My armpit hair started to curl, I panicked and finally shaved today.” This is a segment of quarantine confessions to let you know you are not alone. We are all trying to navigate this time, some of us obviously more successful than others. We asked for some local confessions, if you want to feel connected to other people right now, this segment is for you.

“I drank wine out of a coffee cup during my zoom meeting”

“I have created a snack closet just for me”

“I only washed my hair 3 times in the last month”

“I ate a whole bag of Oreos for lunch”

“I let my kids cry for 30 minutes trying to find me while playing hide and seek as I hid under a blanket”

“I ate an entire frozen pizza by myself, two nights in a row”

“I would give anything for my fiance to go back to work”

“I eat Uncrustables in the middle of the night…every night”

“I haven’t worn a bra in almost 3 weeks”

“I bought a case of my favorite cookies, hid them from my family, and eat them in the bathroom with the door locked”

“I tell my husband I have a work call so I can lock myself in the bedroom alone”

“I do Tik Toks in the laundry room while pretending to do laundry”

“I’m either coming out of this pregnant or divorced, right now its 50/50”

If you would like to get some of your quarantine confessions off your chest, email  All entries will remain anonymous.