If you’re serious about eating fish, you may want to head to the newly opened Seabass Restaurant at 11215 Abercorn Street (previously Tangerine Fusion and Sushi Bar).  The husband and wife  team wanted to bring a stand-out restaurant to the area with great food and friendly service. Their signature dish is pan seared Chilean sea bass over grilled vegetables or creamy risotto with a red curry sauce and a Caesar salad for $24.95. The restaurant also offers appetizers such as spring rolls, dumplings and calamari and a full sushi and sashimi menu. For the non-sushi eaters out there, they offer a full list of entree’s from filet mignon to grilled shrimp risotto.

While the restaurant may be a little off the beaten path it has something a lot of sushi restaurants don’t offer…a dimly lit, quiet, relaxed dining room. Or you could opt to sit at their Tokyo-style sushi counter. Either way, if you find yourself on the Southside, let the gracious servers recommend some of their favorite Asian-inspired dishes and don’t forget the sea bass.