Through art, we can learn so much; it provides common ground amongst people, inspiring untapped creativity and new perspectives to evolve. Recently, our local art scene received another promising gallery Rule of Three, located at 915 Montgomery Street. Rule of Three Gallery proprietor Stephanie Forbes started shaping her art at a young age. “Since I was young I have been at the feet of creating, constantly learning how to translate ideas and working with unlimited materials to create my work. I have been showcasing my work in every possible place and time I could since I was able, asking just about anyone and everyone I knew with a venue if I could exhibit within their walls.” Stephanie was often met with open doors and every experience of doing so has compiled a really great understanding and appreciation of what it means to share work with the world and with people willing and ready to allow her to. Follow Rule of Three on IG at ro3_gallery for show updates and make sure to check out for a schedule of events.

Is there significance behind the name Rule of Three?

I decided to name the gallery RO3 as an ode to the historic rule of thirds, and being from a family of three artists. It is within these walls that I seek to share work I find sacred and meaningful from various local and nationwide artists, as well as some of my own work here and there.

If someone is coming to your studio for the first time, what should they expect?

I would intend for anyone to expect great work, intimate connection, and their cups to be filled with appreciation for artists, maybe learning something new about life that they didn’t know before, or applying some piece of an artist showcased here to themselves. Art is so vital and can be so intangible, I want people to sense its greatness and to hold artists to the utmost appreciation as artists are constantly making this life more beautiful and without them, life is bleak.

It looks like you will be offering artist roundtables in the new space. Who would benefit from one of these events?

I think people who want to have an intimate time having an actual dialogue with the artist will benefit most from these events. Most show openings are met with the craziness of an opening night in itself where the artist isn’t able to lend themselves fully to explaining the works they have created for an exhibition, in the same breath, dedicated artists talks are often met with a lack of dialogue / questions and insights or perspectives from audiences. I want these artist round tables to be discussions. Ones that are important and productive, ones that people can walk away from and go “wow, I didn’t think of life in this kind of light before, and now I have a deeper understanding.” Artists deserve to be held high and I want these roundtables to also offer a sense of respect for the artist in that regard. These roundtables will be limited to 10 people, all of whom will sit in the gallery, at a table with the artist, over wine and small bites for an intimate evening of good, rich conversations rooted in the work the artist has created for this space and their exhibition at RO3.

Tell us a little about your rotations and how a person would know when you have a new showing?

I plan on doing monthly exhibitions. The gallery is currently slated to host Nora Harrison in December, Robin Maaya in January and Isede Okpeahior in February. There will be gallery solicited artists as well as artist who request to show here. I will constantly update the Instagram for the gallery (@ro3gallery) as well as the website ( with a schedule of events.

How can the Savannah community support Rule of Three?

By sharing events and coming to openings! And of course, buying artwork hosted in this space (Or any gallery in Savannah to keep us all going growing and thriving!) I am really eager and excited to share this space with the community and further brighten the incredible art scene we already have here. Galleries like Sulfur Studios and Laney Contemporary have been vital to the experience I have had here as a person living in Savannah, and I think we can continue to build on that together, with community and for community. And of course, the gallery is always accepting cash donations 🙂

What do you love about Savannah?

Literally everything. This city is extremely special and unique in so many ways. There is a pulse here that I am undeniably drawn to and I cant wait to further grow my roots here. I think I have loved, more than anything, watching this city become less and less transient over the past 8 years. People are staying here with purpose because this city is a sponge waiting to soak up all the talent and goodness one can offer.

What makes you feel accomplished?

I think the answer to that question is constantly changing for me with each new day, but right now, breathing.

If you had one night to spend in Savannah…what would you do?

I would do a little gallery hop, for sure, that’s always on my radar. And obviously check Scout Savannah for what’s happening around town and bounce from place to place. Probably stopping at Coffee Fox for a Mexican mocha at some point, then maybe a drink at Bar Julian followed by a brewery tour (Can I get an Amen for the growing brew scene we have in Savannah!? So exciting) and finishing an evening over dinner at Common Thread, that’s definitely my favorite place to eat and such a gift to have that restaurant in this city.