Few things give a warm and fuzzy like a crumbly, buttery scone. Savannah Scone Company at 713 E 65th Street is busy turning out showstopping specimens of this comfort food. Owner Sara Graham has been perfecting her scone game since 2019 with help from her husband Skip. The success of the business is evident through its many stages which has now led the couple to their very own brick and mortar walk-in retail location. Whether you are looking to start your day with a moment of warmth, secure an afternoon snack or host your very own afternoon tea, look to Savannah Scone for their absolutely delicious scones.
Read below to find out more information on what’s offered, what sets them apart and what you shouldn’t miss. Plus make sure to check out  savannahsconecompany.com/menu every Monday for the current week’s scone flavors.

Please tell us a little about what types of scones are offered daily?

We typically offer 10-12 different scone varieties daily. They are all baked fresh and consist of a mix of sweet, savory, and traditional. Usually in the mix are several berry or fruit scones, a couple of savory selections that might include cheese and/or nuts, and at least two traditional British scones. We also do a bite-sized scone we call SconeBits (two flavors) and we make available house-made Devonshire cream, lemon curd, and jam.

What sets Savannah Scone apart?

One thing that differentiates us in the market is that we only do scones. We’ve yet to find another bakery like that, in or around Savannah. When we say our scones are hand-crafted, there’s a lot of truth and labor that goes into that. Everything is made in very small batches, hand-formed, and never mixed by machine. The result is something quite different than you find in many other scones that are produced in larger quantities.


What is your favorite scone and why?

My favorite changes quite often (lol). Our Walnut Blue Cheese scone is a savory favorite of mine and serves quite well as an afternoon snack. Our plain British scone (The Royal) is also a great treat with Devonshire cream and lemon curd.

Is there a customer favorite that sells out quickly?

Well, we find ourselves selling out completely 80% of the time, so that might be difficult to answer. Clearly, a few that go very fast are Cinnamon Roll, Lemon Blueberry, and Very Berry. They’ve been long-term staples on our menu. But, it does change. If we introduce and brand new scone flavor, it may be popular as the new kid on the block and sell out very quickly as well.

Please tell us what you consider the perfect order from Savannah Scone?

If you’re a cinnamon roll lover, try our Cinnamon Roll scone and a coffee. That’s a pair you may find hard to beat. We brew coffee from local Savannah roasters and customers often note how good it is. If you’re not a sweets person, our Cheddar Pecan, Walnut Blue Cheese, or Jalapeño Cheddar always make for a great afternoon snack. Because our menu changes weekly, there is always something new, or different, to try. We thrive on not making it easy for customers to pick.