You know what the world needs?  More love letters.  Handwritten love letters that give people a little boost when found. We have an anonymous love letter writer right here in Savannah and if you have been lucky enough to be the recipient then you know just how much a few quick words can make an impact. Strangers everywhere have been moved and inspired by the love letters found throughout Savannah and this is precisely the kind of thing that makes Savannah a great place to live.  There is something so pure and old fashioned about handwritten letters of encouragement.  The journey of the love letter is portrayed on social media @loveletterssav, so please follow this lovely mission and keep your fingers crossed that one day an envelope reading “open me” will be awaiting somewhere just for you.

What inspired you to start your personal mission of Love Letters?

I felt a deep calling to write and inspire, but I didn’t want to spend the time to write a book.  I love Savannah and love our locals, but know that we are an amazing city for tourists to visit as well.  My hope was to spread love, positivity, and encouragement to locals & tourists alike!

How do you choose who gets a Love Letter?

I don’t, I leave that up to fate!  I’ll spend one evening and write out a bunch of letters at once, so when I leave a letter, I have no idea which one it is or what it says.  I carry around love letters with me at all times, and when the opportunity presents itself for me to leave one without getting caught, I’ll drop one and let fate decide who finds it.

What’s inside the Love Letter?

I try to encourage, inspire, and uplift – some are words of assurance, some are reminders of an individual’s purpose and value, and some are just general pick-me-ups.

Where is the craziest place you have left a Love Letter?

I thought about taking them with me when I travel and leaving them all over, but truly my mission is to inspire within our city and neighboring areas (such as Tybee).  One of my favorite spots was at Ottawa Farms during their strawberry festival – I nestled one right up to some strawberries and hoped someone who needed some love that day would find it.

Have you come close to getting caught while leaving a Love Letter?

Oh gosh, I think I’ve come close a few times!  I was in a tiny shop on Tybee once and there was a couple in there with me.  I awkwardly circled around a few times trying to drop a card (I have to discreetly get a picture too), and I’m still not sure that I got away with it!  They didn’t say anything though, probably because I looked like a crazy person circling the store lol.

How do you think starting this mission has changed your life?

Honestly, it’s changed my life in the most beautiful ways!  I have seen a few people finding them and being so excited, I have had people message the Instagram page and tell me how much they needed the words of encouragement.  I even received a message from someone who’s friend had found a letter, and she had been having the worst day and was near a point of giving up.  She found the note and was encouraged to keep going.  More than once I’ve been brought to tears by the impact of the love letters.  There is even a tourist who started the same mission in her home city after finding a card herself in Forsyth Park one day!

What do you love about Savannah?

I’m head over heels in love with Savannah.  I never want to leave!  I love the Spanish moss, the spirits that live around us, the kindness of the people.  I love the historic bricks in the walkways, knowing that they were walked on for years and years by those before us.  I love the closeness to the beach, sea turtles, and dolphins.  I love open container laws, watching container ships go down the river, and watching tourists enjoy free praline samples (which I still take advantage of too!).  I love that in Savannah, cemeteries are a place to visit on a lazy Sunday, and that there are festivals and celebrations for every day.  I love the diversity of our population and that there’s always a party.  I couldn’t ask for a better place to be.