Custard Boutique | 422 Whitaker Street | 

The owner of Custard Boutique, Tara Kirkland creates an atmosphere that is safe for all persons to shop, be heard, respected and appreciated for what makes them unique. The backstory and origin of every shoe, bag, jewelry, piece of clothing or gift item is very important and they strive to evolve along with their customers and the times we dress for.

The Holidays are for slowing down and enjoying our community: Let’s get to know some fun fact about Tara Kirkland before we get to the gifts

Favorite Hobby:

Dog walking, tending to my chickens, or dressing the cats and photographing them much to their disdain

Guilty Pleasure:

Rewatching The Office over and over and over or The Great British Baking Show

Favorite Way to Relax:

Reading books, it’s easy for me to get wrapped up in a good story or character

Favorite Song on Repeat Right Now:

Toss up: and true story- when I’m on to something- I’m really on to it- and I will listen over and over, watch over and over…  so either Sarah Shook and the Disarmers “Dwight Yoakum” or Emily Jane White “Hole in the Middle”

Favorite Savannah Holiday Tradition:

Driving around and looking at holiday lights

Custard Crowd Pleaser:

These bread kits are just what the doctor ordered! So simple to make, so fun to gift, and tons of flavors for anyone who’s known to enjoy bread (which is most people- especially after the year we’ve had! All you do is add beer, or cider or sparkling water- mix it up and bake! They are $11, made in Nashville and available for in store pick up



Piece of Jewelry Everyone Needs:

A piece of jewelry we think everyone needs, and we mean everyone- is one of these signature talisman necklaces. They are handcrafted with 100% reclaimed precious metals, and made by hand in Vancouver using time-honored old world techniques. Plus the chains have a life time warranty- and every staff member of both locations of custard has at least one! For more info and images go here:


What Every Significant Other Wants:

What every significant other wants after the weirdest most stressful year…. we think a stiff drink is in order! Pick your poison- bourbon, scotch, milk, soda…. we won’t judge! We have local pottery rocks glasses in many colors and made in the USA glass rocks glasses with many different graphics to choose from.

A Splurge But Worth It:

A splurge but worth it- these handmade in the south (Atlanta to be specific) backpacks! These leather backpacks break in beautifully, are built to last and can carry all your daily essentials! (Tara owns one personally and love it!) Several styles and colors to choose from:  

Best Stocking Stuffer:

These incense cones should be in every stocking this year! They are unisex, small batch made, and give back to animal rescues! Plus, there’s only a flame for 1 seconds, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to blow it out, and unlike traditional incense- they don’t drop ash everywhere. More details here: