Laughing Tansy |

Laughing Tansy was founded by friends Amanda and Chelsea, who are bound together by their shared core belief that self-care is more than just a buzzwork. They have a holistic approach to self-care by offering products using healing herbs, hosting workshops and retreats to teach people sustainable self-care practices, and creating and collaborating with customers and businesses to create community.

The Holidays are for slowing down and enjoying our community: Let’s get to know some fun facts about Amanda & Chelsea, Co-founders of Laughing Tansy before we get to the gifts.


Guilty Pleasure: Chelsea – Watching Kath and Kim on Netflix
Amanda – Staying up late with my husband watching stand up comedies. 

Project Currently Working On:  We have been working on some really fun new lip products! 

Favorite Way to Relax: Chelsea – a cup of matcha tea on the porch
Amanda – Being near or in water. 

Favorite Song on Repeat Right Now: Chelsea – Dolly Parton – Here you come again
Amanda – That’s so funny! I’ve been listening to the Dolly Parton soundtracks too!

Favorite Savannah Holiday Tradition: Chelsea – Watching Savannah Ballet Theatre’s Nutcracker
Amanda – Driving around with my husband and daughter looking at Christmas lights and drinking hot cocoa.



Best Gift for a Teacher: 

You can’t go wrong with hand sanitizer – it’s 2020 after all! And our philosophy is if you’re going to use it, you might as well enjoy it. Our Have some Boundaries Hand Sanitizer smells heavenly – we’ve used an ancient essential oil blend that is known for its protecting properties, and after application we always take a moment to enjoy the complex and uplifting aroma. Pair it with our Skin Defend Lotion Bar that uses the same essential oil blend – it’s perfect to keep handy at a desk or next to the sink to help hydrate hands that are parched from all the extra hand-washing this year. 


A Splurge but Worth It:

 Definitely the Amber Glo! This serum is one of our favorites – it’s packed with tons of skin nourishing and balancing herbs and oils, plus it smells amazing, absorbs quickly and leaves you feeling dewey and fresh. If we could choose only one product to bring to a deserted island, it’d be this!

Perfect Laughing Tansy gift basket that will make people forget all about 2020:

May we suggest The Ultimate Self-Care Evening? First – put on the tea kettle. You’re going to pour yourself a cup of Happiness Tea, feel a little giddy from how delicious the sweet strawberry aroma is, and then you’re going to start running yourself a bath. While the water is running, apply a Breakdown Papaya Mask to cleanse dead skin cells off your face and get it ready to receive some serious hydration. You’re going to follow that with our Royal Tansy CBD Honey Mask (are two face masks in a row a little … extra? Honey, yes! Be extra! We’re all about it when it comes to self-care!) Leaving that blue mask on, you’re going to slip into the tub and let the mask do it’s magic soothing and hydrating your face, while you enjoy the relaxing aromatics and skin softening effects of the Pink Cloud Coconut Bath Milk. Breathe deeply and enjoy this moment of pure bliss with all your senses. 

Buy Multiples of This Crowd Pleaser:

Tis the season for indoor heating and dry, flaky skin. Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered – literally! Treat those scratchy heels and elbows, parched hands and legs with the Creme de la Creme – a super rich and creamy whip that hydrates, heals, and protects skin. People always say it looks and smells delicious enough to eat (why yes, those are real vanilla beans inside), and while we don’t recommend consuming it, your skin will definitely enjoy the nourishment. And just because we’re helpful like this, we made a little metric to help you decide if it’s a good gift for that person on your list: Do they have skin? ✔ Does it get dry? ✔ = 100% gift match


Best Stocking Stuffers:

We’ve yet to meet someone who doesn’t love the smell of coffee! We love watching people’s reactions when they smell the Skin Tight Coffee Chai Balm for the first time – it’s love at first sniff. It glides on, absorbs quickly, and brings much needed hydration with an antioxidant punch, all while smelling heavenly. It’s one of our best sellers and it’s sure to please!