The Circle | 125 East Broad Street, Suite A |

The Circle is a shop in downtown savannah for folks who want to celebrate the sparkle in their own unique magic—aaaannd who love color, style & good vibes! Julia & Mia opened this little shop for everyone seeking a supportive, magical and safe space in this wild world we live in. Their offerings are items that send a positive message and encourage finding or creating magic in your daily lives. You’ll find clothing, home goods, gifts and so much more!

The Holidays are for slowing down and enjoying our community: Let’s get to know some fun fact about Mia & Julia, shop owners at The Circle before we get to the gifts.


Favorite Hobby: We’re both textile artists so literally anything that allows us to play with fabric manipulation, yarn, dyes, etc. The two of us also love reading in our downtime (Julia has a special love for graphic novels from Neighborhood Comics on Bull St.)

Guilty Pleasure: Vegan hotdogs from The Portal Arcade!

Favorite Way to Relax: Tarot and chill? We love to pull a card & set our intentions to start the day. It’s a great mellow morning ritual.

Favorite Song on Repeat Right Now: Genius of Love by Tom Tom Club has been on repeat at the shop these days but moving into holiday probably Christmas Wrapping by Kylie Minogue. Mia’s shop Christmas playlist really got me hooked on this one.

Favorite Savannah Holiday Tradition: The charcoal peppermint mochas from Superbloom are killer! We haven’t met up for one yet this year but the craving is real.



The Crowd Pleaser:  Be Nice to you Mugs by Wokeface

One Item Everyone Needs: Zines! We have a great selection in shop & online.

A Splurge but Worth It:  Tall Sunbeam Plant Stand by Boonies

What Every Significant Other Really Wants: Kitty Knickers, dyed & printed in our studio behind The Circle

Best Stocking Stuffers:  Prism Rainbow Stickers by Wokeface