One-of-a-kind? Check. Artisanal? Absolutely. Whether you’re looking for specialty or local, you’ll score lovely finds at The Blue Poppy Shop at 3301 Waters Avenue. The proprietor Amy Shippy’s focus is to give local artisans an affordable storefront to showcase their unique goods and replace some of their lost income from festivals, art shows and holiday marketplaces that are canceled due to the pandemic. The goal is to support the creativity, ingenuity and passion of these local artisan.

With approximately 30 participants the shop has something for everyone. Personally, I love being able to tell my friends and family the story behind the items in my home. We all want to be intentional about how we spend our hard-earned cash. Shopping handmade and knowing a product’s story will make you a more educated consumer and support local in the process.

Make sure to follow The Blue Poppy Shop on social media for giveaways and specials. This week is a free holiday tea towel with purchase (no miminum) but they have lots of fun stuff coming up so don’t miss out.