Ballet, salsa, country dancing and who knows what’s to come. Whether you want to deepen your skills, work up a sweat or just have fun, Shindigs Savannah has the perfect event for you. Madeline and Suzannah the founders of Shindigs became fast friends over good food, dance parties, and late night desserts. They are both teachers in Savannah who wanted a business where they could dance and eat ice cream, and they thought others would like that too. Madeline is the party starter, Suzannah is the party finisher!  Dance has the potential to foster happy and healthy participants and this can definitely lead to a happy and healthy community. Sign up for the next Shindigs event being held on September 8th and support Madeline and Suzannah in their cool concept to get Savannah moving, laughing, meeting new people and all while eating ice cream! If you can’t make Wednesday then follow them on social media to find out what’s next IG: @shindigssavannah and FB: @shindigssavannah 

Tell us the concept behind Shindigs?

Retro-style community gatherings need to have a comeback! Dance and ice cream are timeless and universal.

Please tell us about what people can expect from one of your events?

To learn a dance, to make friends, to eat ice cream, and to have joy.

Please tell us what if any skills are necessary for one of your events?

The ability to hold an ice cream, to digest dairy products, and to be shameless on the dance floor. (We will occasionally have vegan options if deemed delicious)

What is the best way for people to keep up with all the fun that Shindigs is bringing to Savannah?

We provide all RSVP and pertinent info on Instagram and Facebook, follow us @shindigssavannah!

Can you give our readers a little teaser as to what to expect in the future from SS?

A throwback Halloween party, county fair two-step dance, and a Christmas ball are on the horizon this fall.

What do you love about Savannah?

The graveyards.

What makes you feel most accomplished?

When dance and ice cream bring unlikely people together.

If you only had one night to spend in Savannah…what would you do?

First, burger at Betty Bombers

Second, beer at Moodrights

Third, Johnny Ganems

Fourth, walk the square with something from Johnny Ganems

Fifth, play pool at Whitakers

Sixth, cocktail at Fitzroy

Seventh, oops at Saddlebags line dancing