What makes a good Smash Burger? It has to do with the cooking process. Direct contact with a screaming-hot griddle yields intense browning and thus flavor and texture. This intense heat also cooks them very fast, and faster cooking makes it so that less juice is lost through evaporation. Using a solid griddle also prevents rendered fat from escaping. This juicy burger is arriving in Savannah today thanks to Chris Frith and his Smash Burger Food Truck. Chris has been a chef for 16 years now, ranging anywhere from fine dining restaurants to pubs in Australia and everything in between. Make sure to follow Scout to see where the Smashed Burger Truck will be and grab an insanely flavorful and juicy smash burger soon!


What is the vibe of the food truck?

We want to provide really good smash burgers with a weekly special burger and weekly special loaded fries, the idea is to keep it really fun and approachable in the menu but have some adventurous flavors in the specials so that people can look towards our Instagram to see what’s fresh that particular week!

Please tell us a little about what Smash will be offering and explain what makes a Smash burger special?

The keys to a smash burger are simple, good ingredients cooked quickly so they stay juicy and have that nice meaty crust that everyone enjoys. Our goal is to be able to put up food quickly and be consistent. We’ll have a few different options, ranging from simple bacon double cheeseburgers to a full on farmhouse special with bacon and a sunny side up egg on top. We hope to keep it interesting not only for our guests but for myself by providing a weekly special burger and a weekly special loaded fry.

Where can we expect to see Smash?

Hopefully at Starland Yard, Ghost Coast Distillery and Service Brewing once we are all up and running. I haven’t spoken to anyone at the Humane Society yet but I’d really like to do an event that gives back to them too, as a owner of a rescue dog that’s a really important thing to me.  We may also be popping up at a few apartment complexes in town that we have spoken to, we are sticking close to home in Savannah for now but will be branching out to nearby counties as we go.

What is your favorite menu item so far and why?

It’s gotta be the Big Finn burger, it’s our signature burger, two patties, tons of bacon and cheese and our secret burger sauce, it’s simple and doesn’t have any sort of salad on it, but it’s named after my dog so I’m always going to be biased towards Finn.

Are you able to accommodate special diets like vegan, gluten free, etc?

We will be providing beyond burgers for our vegan friends and some interesting vegetable dishes, one of our favorites being our Kimchi Brussels Sprouts.