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Smith Hall, LLC

Soul Waves Studio has been of vision and deep desire of Dana Danielson’s for 20 years. She performed massage, craniosacral therapy and taught movement practice in other people’s spaces for about 12 years. Dana had a passion to encompass the many ways of benefitting mind, body & spirit which led her to follow the path of studies and practices to learn cool and fascinating ways to open up the body’s own “inner wisdom” and innate ability to heal. Finally, that path led to the October opening of the first real “home” for the practices she wishes to share with the community at Soul Waves Studio at 6512 White Bluff Road.

Dana’s passion has been instrumental in implementing a wide range of creative and cultural programming to allow everyone to join in the fold of wellness. A few of the experiences that are available at SWS are Middle Eastern Dancing (Belly Dance), Healing in Motion, 5Rhythms Dance, Immersive Mediation with sound healing, yoga and monthly spiritual guidance workshops. You may also partake in some of their private services which include massage, craniosacral therapy, facials and skincare and even lashes. Many of these classes are “unique” to the Savannah area and are something you won’t find anywhere else.

Smith Hall, LLC

Yet another way to encourage wellness is the Halcyon Soak & Sauna Room. This service includes and indoor relaxing space with 4-person hot tub and 2-person far infrared sauna. This special room will bring the feeling of outdoors to the comfort of indoors, with an abundance of plants and accents of nature. The hot tub and infrared sauna are ways to unplug completely, detox and simply unwind the mind. They can be booked for either quiet time alone or with a special friend or group. In fact, you can host a private event here that might include a private de-stress class, soak/saunas paired with other services.
They offer classes that may seem fun, free-flowing or creative on the surface but on a deeper level, their intention and underlying goal of all this work, is that each person finds THEIR own healing path within. They believe that when the chaotic mind gets quiet, the body knows exactly how to heal. When the mud settles, the clarity and inner guidance comes through. Dana Danielson feels most accomplished when she knows she has helped someone to find a place of “feel good” that comes from within themselves.