Of all the methods of self-improvement, psychic readings may not be what first comes to mind. Many fail to understand that a psychic reading is not designed to predict your future as much as it is designed to give you information about what you may not completely know about a specific topic. Whitney Howard the founder of Starland Alchemy can lend insight into your life & relationships, and also get you to notice patterns in this topic that you might not have noticed. She uses tools of  astrology, coaching, tarot and the Akashic Records.

As a whole, exploring the metaphysical world for the first time can be intimidating and it is easy to be cynical about it. You will be surprised, however, at how effective Starland Alchemy’s services are and you would be even more surprised at how much you can get from her services. This is a great time to explore with Starland Alchemy and purchase a Valentine’s Day package that includes (1) 90 minute relationship themed session for $200. You can book directly by emailing whitney@starlandalchemy.com. These sessions book up fast, so book yours today.

Please let us know what services you offer?

Astrology chart readings, Solar Return birthday chart readings for the year ahead, astrology happy hours, coaching services, tarot readings and Akashic Records readings. My coaching services are called Create, a year-long individualized program with a focus on personal coaching, professional mentoring or a hybrid of personal / professional focus.

What sets Starland Alchemy apart?

The majority of my new clients become recurring clients because they feel very seen and understood in their sessions with me. I am committed to helping people understand themselves and their lives at a deeper level and from a higher perspective. Starland Alchemy is built upon the principles of love, compassion, honesty and empathy. Also, even when my clients are moving through serious matters in their lives, I try to bring authentic joy into each session.

What is involved in the Valentine’s Day Special Five Relationship-Themed Sessions?

These 90 minute sessions are focused on the astrology of the two people in the session. The Valentine’s Day sessions are ideal for partners, family members or best friends to understand one another better in a fun and relaxed way. If an individual is interested in booking one of these sessions without a partner, that is great too! I prepare and analyze the astrological birth charts of both people and the joint astrology chart of the relationship before the date of the session. The price of these 90 minute sessions is $200.

What kinds of things could the couple expect to learn throughout the reading?

– how the other person thinks and communicates and how the different communication styles work together
– how each person gives love and wants to receive love
– how each person’s unique set of emotional needs compliments the other’s
– past life and/or karmic connections between the two people
– the differences and similarities between how each person takes action and suggestions for creating an even more loving and gentle partnership
– the compliments and differences between the individuals’ Sun, Moon and Rising signs and guidance for working with the differences
– if applicable, an understanding of how the children the two individuals share will learn from their relationship
– and much more!

How can people find you and book one of your services?

To book a session, please email whitney@starlandalchemy.com. My website is starlandalchemy.com. The Starland Alchemy website contains lots of information about my services, booking a session, pricing, client reviews, frequently asked questions and my personal bio. I am on Instagram at @starlandalchemy. People can join my email list for astrology updates and local event and class announcements here: https://www.starlandalchemy.com/connect

What do you love about Savannah?

There is a certain quality of magic in Savannah that drew me in from my very first visit. I love Savannah’s natural beauty and I feel especially connected to the creative heartbeat of the local Savannah community and the Starland District where I work and live.

What makes you feel most accomplished?

Helping and supporting others through my work at Starland Alchemy.