Healthy, easy and delicious…all the reasons we love a new-ish addition to the Savannah area, Morsel. Owner, Megyn Jefferson, experienced some mysterious health aliments in her 20s and started experimenting with plant-based diets. Since her grandparents were restauranteurs, it seemed only natural to share her kitchen and diet successes with friends and family. She realized her dietary experiments were not only healing but also delicious, so she opened Morsel.

Vegan Burrito Bowl (walnut meat, black beans, cashew cream, Adam’s Farm Tomatoes and cabbage and cilantro)

Morsel offers healthy, plant-based meals, delivered to your door. Your delicious dinners will arrive at your home, Tuesday before 6:30pm or beginning December 1st, you have the option of pickup at the new kitchen location at 7506-C White Bluff Road. And don’t be surprised if some local favorites pop up in your box, Morsel uses vendors from the Forsyth Farmer’s Market including, Joseph’s Fields Farm, Adam’s Farm, Mitla Tortillas, Vertu Farm and Swampy Appleseed Mushrooms. The most laborious preparation required is the occasional heating of tortillas or boiling noodles (heating instructions are included in your delivery).
Morsel offers subscriptions which are the most cost efficient and convenient. Reminders are sent on Monday and Wednesday mornings to make adjustments to your plan. Megyn suggests starting with the Chef’s Choice because it allows for trying a variety of entrees. And they can accommodate most dietary needs, if they can’t make adjustments to a specific item, they will make suggestions.

Endurance Crackers (sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, chia, salt, pepper and garlic)

So what delicious delights can you expect? Currently their top three meals are Vegetable Curry, Lentil Loaf and Enchiladas with Cilantro Lime Slaw. Yum! And with these tasty options Megyn says many of her customers report weight loss, some report healthy and desired weight gain and all say their meals make it easier to incorporate daily vegetables. Megyn says, “When I first built the business plan for Morsel, the concept of providing ready to heat vegan meals to customer’s doorstep was an alien concept. Many of our early customers had never eaten a vegan meal before! Our business has grown entirely by word of mouth, and I am proud that we have built a successful vegan meal delivery service in a city that is known for fat laden indulgence!”

Morsel delivers to Savannah, Beaufort, Hilton Head, and Bluffton, SC.