Written by Founder and CEO Myron Weldon Jr.

Growing a beard can be a very self-conscious decision. How will I look? What will people think? Trust me, I understand. Your appearance is going to change, and the scrutiny can be tough, but the main thing is to be confident. With confidence people will either love or hate what you do! Now ask yourself are you ready…?

Here is a simple routine from True Beard Oil Co. to help you on your way!

Start with a wash!

If you’re a beginner or veteran “beardo”, a clean surface and foundation is important. Your skin will naturally develop sebum (oil) that can build up over time. Although naturally developed skin oils are good, washing your beard can rid it of any environmental build up, dust, sweat, dandruff, etc.… that can cause your skin harm. Our Tea Tree and Activated Charcoal Beard and Body Bar, found at truebeardoilco.com, has antifungal, antibacterial, moisturizing, and skin exfoliating properties that will assist you with maintaining a healthy beard.

Next, moisturize!

Washing your beard daily can dry your skin and hair out, and that’s when this wonderful product comes in hand, beard oil! True Beard Oil Co. signature blend comes in three different scents: Morning Grove, Black Spearmint, and Jazz Night. These oils are specifically designed to hydrate, moisturize, and nourish your facial hair and skin. Beard oil also softens course hair, soothes itch, and settles annoying dandruff of the beard. Excellent choice for everyday use!

Then, condition and style!

Now that your beard is clean and moisturized, the final touch in your routine should be the application of beard balm. Beard balm is a leave in conditioner. It’s thicker than beard oil allowing it to be used for styling and controlling the loose hairs that stick out from your beard. Our blend is specifically based with mango and shea butter to really hold on to and soften the hair, and beeswax to lock in moisture for all day greatness!

In conclusion!

I personally found out that consistent beard grooming leads to fantastic results. Not one person is made the same so take pride in your unique mane of facial hair. Try different styles and different lengths to appeal to your uniqueness or liking. Visit the website, www.truebeardoilco.com, see what we have to offer, and I humbly extend or products and services to you in any way we can help. Talk with you soon, and as always,