To call Superbloom in the Starland Distict a coffee shop is to underplay the level of what’s really going on here. Superbloom is a vegan coffee shop with an assortment of espresso lattes, tea drinks, and superfood based beverages so those with caffeine sensitivities or food allergies still have several options to choose from. Add in baked goods, natural wine, mead, sangria and sake and a spot to relax into, and you’ll never want to leave this sit-and-stay-awhile spot. Superbloom turns coffee into an experience, with it’s focus being on the local artist community. When you enter the shop, you will see products from over 30 different local artists so it is a great representation of the Savannah artist community. When you make a purchase at Superbloom, you are not only supporting a local business, but also a local maker!

And that’s not all…they have recently incorporated chill and inspiring events. Read below to find out more about Watercolor Wine Wednesday and Superbloom’s Wine Tasting Events. Definitely stop by for coffee…but don’t sleep on all the other great things happening at Superbloom.


What can a person expect from Watercolor Wine Wednesday? Does it require a group?

The best thing about Watercolor Wine Wednesday is that it is FREE! Sip on your favorite natural wine as you enjoy our complimentary watercolor supplies. Come by yourself or bring a friend to grow your watercolor skills & leave with a piece of artwork! Art supplies are sponsored by our amazing neighbors Starlandia. This is a self-guided activity so come and go at any time and..have fun!

What can a person expect from a Superbloom Wine Tasting? Do they need to book ahead of time? Is there a minimum or maximum number of people needed?

During the tasting, you will learn about natural, vegan wines and what defines a “clean” wine vs other commercial wines. Guests will taste 4 wines that are “mindfully made” from soil to bottle while noting their tasting cards. After the tastes, the guests will review their tasting card & enjoy the activity on the back of the card. Guests can create a custom piece of art using wine (a unique wine stain print) to take home! Unlike the Watercolor Wine Wednesday, our natural wine tasting requires a reservation which is reserved via Airbnb Experiences. All tastings need to be booked at least 24 hours in advance with a 2 person minimum, 8 person maximum, and private tastings are available as well. This is a great, unique experience to enjoy as a local or a tourist before dinner reservations on a Friday night!

If someone only has a few minutes to pop into Superbloom to grab a drink and a treat, what would be the perfect order?

Our best-selling drink is the Lavender Rose latte, but I recommend trying something that you can’t get everywhere…an iced Turmeric Ginger latte or a hot Beetroot Cocoa latte with a shot of espresso!