Does it feels like you’ve already explored every last nook and cranny of Savannah? Then try the whole new world of Geocaching, there’s a hidden world operating entirely out of view. That world is geocaching (geo-cash-ing), a no-contact game of hide-and-seek between hundreds of strangers. Players hide caches — waterproof containers, usually small plastic boxes — in out-of-sight spots for others to discover using GPS technology.  The best part is, its fun for all ages.

How has this world remained totally hidden from you? The first rule of geocaching is to try to keep your searching a secret. If someone happens by you, then pretend to be deeply engrossed in plant identification (once you know about geocaching, you may realize just how many other folks are pretending to be fascinated by fauna and flora). One of the best places to start for a beginner would be Skidaway Island State Park or any Georgia State Park. Not only is this location great for safety purposes but you couldn’t ask for better scenery.

A few things you should know before you start your fun is to wear comfortable athletic clothing and closed-toed shoes. Bring along a day bag that contains snacks, water, insect repellent, a pen for signing the log and sunscreen. The best time to start your Geocache adventures would be in the morning or early evening to avoid the heat. Luckily, the summer months will leave you with plenty of light till around 8:15pm. You can also bring some objects that represent you and where you are from to leave behind for others to admire. Some ideas for trinkets include painted rocks, small plastic toys, stickers, etc. You may choose to take the item and leave yours behind or just simply find and leave.  Some items will give you a good laugh.

Before beginning your Geocache journey download the Geocaching app. The app will show a map with your location and all the caches in your area. You can also select “list view.” This will show a list of caches closest to you. If you want to plan a summer of Geocaching, go to your favorite place in Historic District of Savannah and pull up the Geocaching app. You’ll be surprised how many hidden caches are in your area.

Here is a step by step to make Geocaching super easy for you and the whole family at Skidaway Island State Park.

  1. Download the Geocaching app and create your profile
  2. Arrive to the location you would like to begin, for example: Skidaway Island State Park
  3. Once you have arrived, go to the Visitor Center
  4. In the Visitor Center, you can pay for parking and grab a trail map.
  5. Open your Geocaching app and it will show the cache location on the park’s property
  6. Tap on the cache icon
  7. Now you can see details about the cache box location like the difficulty, hints, and terrain
  8. Tap on Navigate
  9. Now you will see directions on how to get to the cache box’s general area
  10. Also, you will see a parking icon, if you tap that it will give you directions for the closest parking area
  11. Once you have followed the directions to the closest parking, use the app’s compass and coordinates to find the cache box.

Before taking off on your Geocaching quest, visit to download a second search program “Parks GeoTour Passport.” This can be used for all Georgia State Parks cache boxes. Each cache box has a codeword, write the codeword on your passport. Once you have 9 codewords from one region of state parks you are eligible to receive a Park Geo-Coin.

You can find caches throughout Savannah, maybe in your neighborhood! One particularly nice benefit of geocaching is that it gets screen-addicted kids outside (kinda sneaky) while enjoying the thrill of finding a tricky or unique cache and in the process making memories and of course what we are all searching for “little moments of joy.”