Savannah might not have the BBQ claim to fame like Texas, North Carolina or Kansas City but it is still a barbecue destination in its own right. Last week we added the District Smokehouse to our already impressive line-up. I stopped by on grand-opening day to check out what the Plant Riverside was all about and ended up having a very relaxing lunch at one of two outdoor pavilions. I was able to sit on a bar stool while social distancing, take in the river view and listen to some smooth jazz which was being played at just the right volume through outdoor speakers. Service was flawless and even though it was opening day, the bartender had plenty of suggestions. I expected a lot of things when visiting Plant Riverside, I expected to be impressed, awe-struck and even intrigued but leaving with a belly full of good BBQ and a feeling of total relaxation made it even more enjoyable.

Before I move on to the important part…the food, I want to just say that I would have never thought of the Plant Riverside as a takeout destination. However, my mind was changed when I was able to park on Bay Street and Montgomery, walk 1 block over, down some stairs, took a left after the Electric Moon Skytop Lounge and walked straight to my destination. The pavilions are easily accessible and very COVID friendly since you don’t even have to go inside. You can enjoy a nice cold beverage while using a QR code to view the menu (COVID friendly) order and then grab your BBQ to stay or go.

Pulled Pork Platter was $14 with cornbread and two sides. I am normally a Sandfly BBQ girl (Sandfly earmuffs) but I will say that I think the pulled pork from District was more moist. I may have found a new favorite.

The Jefe is a sandwich with smoked sausage, pulled pork with slaw, pickles and Southern Hot BBQ Sauce and comes with one side for $14. The sausage was not what one would expect but instead more of a breakfast style sausage which paired with the pulled pork was a hit. The flavors were nicely balanced by the pickles and cole slaw.


French Fries were crisp and delicious.

Potato Salad was roasted potatoes tossed in a creamy dressing. This dish fell flat for me so next time it would be fries all the way.

Collard Greens were just okay, I ate them but there wasn’t anything special about them.

Cole Slaw was of the vinegar variety, not it’s creamy cousin and was a perfect addition to the smoky meat

I would definitely recommend the District Smokehouse for the food as well as the ambiance, but don’t shy away from takeout. You can also choose from 4 taps, cocktails and a selection of wines. The prices are very affordable and the portions sizeable. They have 5 sauces to choose from ranging from sweet to spicy. The District has been Scouted and approved.