The ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic has many people around Savannah practicing safe social distancing, which has resulted in an uptick of at-home workouts. Before the shelter in place rule, I was an avid YMCA dance class attendee, as well as, Orangetheory fanatic. The Corona virus is teaching us new things about ourselves daily, I realized I crave the group atmosphere to motivate and inspire me. In my efforts to capture those feelings, I have tried a few free online classes. Here is a couple you might want to check out along with my opinion of each.

Tone It Up

This is probably one of the most buzz-worthy workouts available online right now and it is currently free. The classes are available via the app and are anywhere from 10-45 minutes long.

Pros: I like how easy the app is to navigate and there is a little something for everyone. I really enjoyed Manhattan Beach Booty and you don’t need any equipment. I think this would be a great intro class for people who are just getting started with at-home workouts.

Cons: As far as I could figure out, this can only be done on your phone screen. I would prefer an option to watch on a larger screen.

Shine Dance Fitness

This is all dance fitness which is my favorite type of workout.

Pros: I like an hour long workout and they offer a compilation that meets that criteria. The dance music is current, the choreography is easy to follow but you still easily raise your heart rate.

Cons: There is only 1 hour long video the rest are done per individual song.

OBE Fitness

You can find yoga, stretching, sculpting and plenty of targeted area workouts at OBE. I use this platform for the Orangetheory part of my normal workout. Right now they are offering a free 7 day trial if you reach out they have been extending for 30 days due to the crisis.

Pros: The fact that there is a set schedule makes it easier to schedule your day. The video quality is good and they offer a website, as well as, an app.

Cons: You have to reach out to ask for a 30 day trial.

Dance Body

I’ve already given a dance type workout but this one is good enough to warrant an additional option. It is 30 minutes of cardio, a great one to combine with another class for a full body session.

Pros: These classes gave me the best workout in the time period. I was really sweating and could feel it the next day.